Dentists will save teeth gas

Dentists will save teeth gasDentists will save teeth gas Scientists from University Belfast (Belfast University) are working to create equipment that will help dentists in their difficult struggle with bacteria and microorganisms. The researchers took the properties of the gas such as ozone, which, as it turned out, can stop tooth decay, destroying germs in the "remote places". In just 10 seconds, the ozone can eliminate 99% of microorganisms, pests, and this unpleasant procedure, as drilling a drill eliminated as unnecessary. University Professor Edward Lynch, Edward Lynch) reported that "long experimented with different chemicals, but did not get the expected effect, and now, when he "tried ozone, it is found that the gas eliminates the problem in a few seconds". According to experts, the new "ozone" system - "this is great news for those people who are afraid to visit the dentist." At the same time, a spokesman for the British dental Association British Dental Association) noted that the new method is still only at the experimental stage. Source:Рњembrana and Madlena.Ru.

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