The light will help to accurately measure the dose

The light will help to accurately measure the doseThe light will help to accurately measure the dose Japanese scientists from the national Institute of advanced applied science and technology AIST-Kansai under the leadership Masahiro Fujiwara (Masahiro Fujiwara) has created a material with nanopores that can "open" and "close" when exposed to light. Modified hexagonal mesoporous silica MCM-41 can find application in systems controlled selection of chemical substances, for example, in the systems of administration of drugs. In the structure of MCM-41 Japanese scientists injected molecules containing coumarin group. Molecules have been attached to the pore walls, and their output holes. We used the MCM-41 pores were filled by special molecules substrates with which these pores were created. In the coumarin molecules form a kind of "molecular doors" on the pores of the silica. When covering the material with ultraviolet light with a wavelength greater 310 nm, molecules with coumarin groups are combined with each other, blocking the outlet pores. Their coverage of light with a wavelength of about 250 nm they are separated, thereby opening the pores of the silica. Technology attachment of molecules with coumarin groups to the exhaust outlets has been a key factor behind the success of the development. If you do not provide the dense filling them exactly the outlet openings of the pores, and not themselves of their walls, the effect of controlled selection of chemical substances under the action of ultraviolet radiation is reduced. Currently, the group Fujiwara is searching for another method to control the opening of pores in the silica. The possibility of use for this level change of the pH, temperature, effect of ions, the presence of certain molecules, proteins or viruses. Source: Solvay Pharma.

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