Living tissue can be printed on an inkjet printer

Living tissue can be printed on an inkjet printerLiving tissue can be printed on an inkjet printer In practice, this ability was demonstrated by Vladimir Mironov, working at the Medical University of South Carolina and Thomas bouland of Crimsonscale University in the same state. Scientists were able to create using an inkjet printer, a three-dimensional cellular structures, in particular, of the tube. For the conduct of its work, the researchers used a conventional inkjet printer (brand not reported) and modified cartridges, in which were placed the cell solution. First of cartridges were thoroughly washed ordinary ink, then changed the scheme of charging and firmware controlling the operation of the cartridges were modified to reflect the properties of the new "biological ink". Print fabrics was carried out on glass plates coated with a layer of non-toxic, thermally reversible gel which hardens at temperatures above 32В°C and turns into a liquid when the temperature is below 20В°C. the Gel served as a binder for the cells, which has managed to create three-dimensional structures. Some time after deposition on the plate fabric was fused, after which the gel was removed. Using inkjet technology, you can print quite complex biological structures. For example, using as "ink" different types of cells (for conducting such experiments need a color printer with two or more cartridges). In the short term Mironov and bouland plan to create using their technology artificial veins and arteries. For hardening the resulting structures, the scientists intend to accelerate the bonding of fabrics by adding in the "ink" of substances such as skin protein collagen. However before printing this way are complex organs far away. After that the body was viable and suitable for transplantation, it is necessary to create in a few hours. Within the "printing device" should create an appropriate enabling environment. However, the seal of the living tissues researchers believe more advanced technology than, for example, layer-by-layer cultivation. Source: Solvay Pharma.

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