EndometriosisENDOMETRIOSIS - heterotopia endometrium in organs and tissues where it is normally absent. Implant Theory of endometriosis is the leading; otorgada areas of the endometrium implanted in other tissues and organs; it is possible to transfer hematogenous route. Endometrioid inclusions can be observed in the thickness of the uterus (adenomyosis), in the lumen of the fallopian tubes on the pelvic peritoneum with growth in underlying tissues (rectovaginal partition), vagina, cervix, ovary with cyst formation ("chocolate" cysts, scar after cesarean section, rarely in areas remote from the uterine organs and tissues. Often, endometriosis is accompanied perifocal inflammation. Distribution and development of endometriosis is closely connected with the function of the ovaries. When natural or artificial menopause foci of endometriosis are subjected to reverse development. The symptoms for. Pain and increase formations and organs affected by endometriosis in the days of menstrual bleeding. Then the pain subsides, and education are reduced. For adenomyosis is characterized hyperprolinemia. These symptoms are caused by premenstrual swelling and partial rejection of endometrioid cells and is wholly dependent on the cyclic activity of the ovary, when menopause disappear. The recognition is based on the detection of cyclic symptoms corresponding to the menstrual cycle, and varying in volume units. Sometimes you can identify adenomyosis in radiography of the uterus with water-soluble contrast agent (diodon, cardiotest) produced by the 3-4th day of menstruation. Treatment. Conservative treatment is based on the use of hormonal drugs that cause suppression of ovarian function. Young women use a combination of estrogenicity (usecured, non-ovlon and others) according to the scheme: from the 5th to the 26th day of the cycle for 10-12 months, and then make a break for 6 months and repeat courses. Useful tools that enhance the immune registertest body (levamisole 0.05 g 3 times a day for 3 days, then a week break and another 2-3 similar of course). In women older than 40 years of age may use androgens (methyltestosterone 5 MG4 times per day during And 6 months) or retinotectal. Surgical treatment is used in the formation of ovarian cysts, when adenomyosis of the uterus, accompanied by bleeding, or rectovaginal endometriosis tissue with growth in the colon. Surgical treatment should be preceded by hormonal, and only if no effect when observed within 3-4 months to perform surgery. The prognosis for life in a timely treatment is favorable..

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