Found a new way of struggle with addiction

Found a new way of struggle with addictionPharmacologists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has proposed a new method of dealing with drug addiction. We developed a special drug that kills euphoria arising from drugs. To achieve such a result in the body of the addict are injected antibodies that are associated with the drug, trying to counteract its effect. Previously it was not possible to deliver antibodies to the brain, so that the effect of this method was limited. The new method uses a virus that delivers antibodies in the brain. "The virus itself is safe, because all harmful sequence of genes in him removed, and the genes necessary antibodies Vice versa inserted into the genome," says study leader Arnold Ruoho. Thus, the main driving force addicts to take drugs is weakened, and therefore no desire to receive a new dose. Studies of the virus have already been carried out on mice and yielded positive results. Nature (Russian text

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