Music will help back pain

Music will help back painMusic will help back pain With a long-term problem is not passing back pain will help composers. As set Austrian scientists, listening to music with certain relaxation exercises helps people to feel much better. They have not only reduced pain, and improved sleep. For effective treatment is 25 minutes of music per day. This study was conducted by the specialists of the hospital of Salzburg (Salzburg) under the guidance of a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Franz Bendtner (Franz Wendtner). The researchers gathered a group of 65 patients aged from 21 to 68 years, who suffered from chronic pain after an operation for a slipped disc. They all received the standard treatment, but part was also trained in the methods of relaxation music. Tests conducted after three weeks showed that patients involved in music therapy, pain symptoms were significantly lower. They also noted a reduction in sleep disturbances. Dr. Wendtner explained that scientists have not yet determined what kind of music is most effective, but noted that "quiet music works better, as well as classic. On the question of whether patients already use this technique at home, the author of the study, presented at the X world Congress on pain, replied in the affirmative. Along with other modern methods of exposure in spinal diseases, such as defamatory, this technique may become a serious competitor to traditional approaches..

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