Scientists come closer to unraveling Alzheimer's disease

Scientists come closer to unraveling Alzheimer's diseaseA group of researchers at Seoul national University announced the opening of a protein which plays a key role in protecting the Central nervous system of the human body. This discovery, which was the result of four years of intense research, will allow for a fresh start to fight with almost previously incurable diseases of the brain like Alzheimer's disease and strokes. Open-minded scientists, led by Professor Kim Gyu Won a protein "SSeCKS plays an important role of a barrier that protects our brain, ITAR-TASS reported. This protein seals the endothelium lining the inner surface of blood vessels and capillaries of the brain, forming a kind of protective barrier, preventing contact with the brain tissue contained in the blood of harmful substances. With all this "protection" does not impede the flow of nutrients and oxygen. The presence of such a barrier, named by scientists BBB is extremely important for the normal functioning of the Central nervous system, because the appearance of gaps in the BBB leads to disruption of brain activity, in particular, to the development of Alzheimer's disease and ischemic strokes. Korean researchers intend to continue their work to understand exactly how the breach of the protective barrier of the brain contribute to the development of the above mentioned diseases..

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