Frogs eat poisonous animals and themselves become toxic

Frogs eat poisonous animals and themselves become toxicFrogs eat poisonous animals and themselves become toxic Together with food in the small body of poisonous frogs from Central and South America arrive toxic substances(alkaloids) that they accumulate in your skin to protect it from greedy enemies. The source of the main group frog poisons, the so-called pumiliotoxins (PZX) are arthropods such as spiders, beetles or ants. Scientists from the USA have reported this in the specialized journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Until now, the origin of pumiliotoxins was not known. First, the researchers suggested that frogs themselves produce toxic substances. But it was unexpectedly found that in laboratory animals in the skin does not contain any toxic substances. So John Daly and his colleagues went on a Panamanian island Bastimentos, where they collected insects that feed on frogs. After the researchers fed their experimental brought insects in the skin of frogs were found toxic alkaloids. In the skin of this species of frogs have already found more than 500 species of poisonous alkaloids. The Indians used the poison frogs, rubbing them with arrowheads. To this end, they kept the frogs over the fire until the skin was not poison. Source: InoPressa.

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