the European Union banned the import of Russian and Kazakh chicken

the European Union banned the import of Russian and Kazakh chickenThe European Union on August 12 introduces a ban on poultry imports from Russia and Kazakhstan. This measure is associated with outbreaks of avian influenza on the territory of these countries. As explained by EU officials, this preventive measure, since no trade of similar products between the United Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan. Representatives of the European Commission also noted that a similar ban was imposed on the products of all countries where it was found to have avian influenza, Thailand, Hong Kong and China. Take on the case if, for example, Russia will ask for permission to export poultry meat to the EU. Experts of the EMERCOM of Russia warn about the possibility of introduction of avian influenza into the European territory of the country, and then in the EU in August of birds from the Siberian regions will begin to migrate to the area of the Black sea. And when you consider that in Siberia selected Asian strain of the virus, namely H5N1, which is considered as the main candidate is the causative agent of a new pandemic, but fears of European officials become clear. Meanwhile, according to the chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko, Russia has no cases of avian flu among people. Currently, the virus was detected in Altai, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kurgan and Tyumen regions. Everything is done to prevent the spread of the disease in the territory of the other actors. However, on the localization of flash to speak while early. "On the localization can be said, when there is no mortality in poultry, when flying wild bird" - said Onishchenko. Radical measures are introduced not only affected by avian influenza regions, but also in neighbouring territories and areas. For example, in the Sverdlovsk region on poultry farms introduced a special mode of operation. Reuters Health (Russian text, NewsInfo.Ru.

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