MeditationMeditation and concentration for obtaining health The search of a lifestyle that not only keep you healthy, but also to find the purpose of life, always lead us to the ancient method of self-healing, self-inquiry meditation. "Meditation" in English means meditation, contemplation. In Sanskrit, meditation is called Dhyana, in Tibetan - samten, Chinese - Chan in Japanese Zen. What does the Tibetan word samten? Himself - thinking mind, ten - to calm or to bring in a stable position; PETN still means "reliable" or "stable". Reassure your body and mind, we offer the opportunity of Higher energies to influence us in the healing influence; and it is clear that training just relax sometimes enough to improve patients ' well-being. No wonder relaxation is necessarily present in all Eastern exercises and many approaches to psychotherapy. Exercises in concentration Concentration means a complete focus on the object. The mind seemed to focus on him. If it is a flower, you don't must exist for you in this moment, in addition to the flower. You cannot look around, not to be distracted by anything. Then no extraneous thought, regardless of whether bad or good, will not penetrate into your mind. Point Wash your face with cold water. Hang on the wall, at the level of his eyes, a piece of paper with the image of a black point. Stand facing it so that from the face to the sheet with the image distance was approximately 25 cm Continuously look at this point. After 2-3 minutes of this peering begin to imagine and try to feel it with all your being, if you are immersed in point deeper and deeper, as if dissolved in it. And that point /breathes/ that your breath is her breath, and her inhales - exhales go through you. After 10-15 minutes If the concentration was strong, such feelings will come. Then go from point back and finish the exercise. The rhythm of life Some people prefer to concentrate on your breathing, or heartbeat, or both. This exercise is best to use to adjust the concentration. For General calming and nothing more. Inner flower A minute or two continuously look for fresh, fragrant flower scent. Then begin to imagine what this flower is growing inside of you, that it fills you up without the rest that you and flower - essence is the same. At some point, close your eyes and feel yourself just beautiful, exudes the fragrance of the flower, thus that you just looked at. It is very important not to think about all this, and to feel what is in question here. Vision and reality Draw the compass small circle on a sheet of paper, and in the center of the circle draw a black dot (black and not some other color) Then hang the piece on the wall at the level of their eyes and stand facing him at a distance of 1 metre. Focus on this circle. Your eyes should be half-closed. Imagine that kind of energy comes from the point between the eyebrows and rushes inside the circle on the wall. After 3-4 minutes and then open your eyes and try to imagine that all of you are some eyes focused on a point inside the circle. And then should start to imagine more appropriate "to feel") as all you shrink and sink into the point within the circle. When you will get to the point, inside her turn around and look at the left behind your body. If it succeeds, then your concentration is absolute, it melds reality and vision. Actually you're standing in front of a wall, but at the same time as reality are watching from the wall (or even because of it) on your own body. This means that you are way beyond and reality, and vision. Meditation After six months of continuous practice of concentration go to meditation Inner light Practicing concentration, begin to imagine what the inside of your nature is light and flows out to the outside through the point between your eyebrows (the third eye). With this light you enter into the object of concentration and become one with him. What is this light. It is your self, or inland pilot, or soul, it's not in the title. Do not dwell on the definition of the soul. Better idea of its immense light and joy. When this light fills us from the inside without a remainder, then disappear all the thoughts, fears, doubts. Only the feeling of flying and joy. This is meditation. Heavenly space Keep your eyes half open, and imagine the vast boundless sky, pierced the sunshine and blue. First, you just have to see with the inner eye, and then you must come to feel that the sky outside moved inside you. And, finally, close your eyes, imagine you are the sky and completely lose yourself in it. Heart - Flower Imagine the inside of your heart is a favorite flower, such as rose. She hasn't quite blossomed Bud began to open up and now you must not only see, but also to literally feel inside your heart opens, petal after petal, this rose. Until it will not dissolve completely.

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