All Russians under the age of years will be vaccinated against measles mandatory

All Russians under the age of  years will be vaccinated against measles mandatoryThe Russian Ministry of justice registered the decree of the head of the state "About strengthening of measures for the prevention of measles". The document says that in the period up to 1 June 2004 measles should be vaccinated, all Russian citizens under 35 years of age. It will be given to all who have not undergone vaccinatie in childhood and still not had measles. Such people, according to the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision, about 1.5 million. Given the cost of the vaccine is about 30 rubles per dose for the program on immunization will need 45 million rubles. Where to get these tools in the subjects of the Federation will decide. Programme on immunization Russians were developed in accordance with the world health organization, which plans to destroy the disease by 2010. The incidence of measles in Russia for a long time remained at a low level, but in 2003 the number of infected has increased dramatically, mainly due to the Central and southern Federal districts. The largest number of cases in Chechnya. Now among patients with measles more adults who have not had chickenpox in childhood and were not vaccinated in the 80-ies and 90-ies. Their disease is much heavier than in children, characterized by frequent complications that can lead to disability or death. Izvestia.Ru.

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