In the US, AIDS is spreading among pensioners

In the US, AIDS is spreading among pensionersAmerican doctors are faced with an unexpected problem - the growing number of HIV-infected among pensioners. It was found that older people do not think about the risk of infection, including AIDS challenge youth, and, therefore, does not care about prevention. The situation is aggravated by an unofficial ban on the discussion of these issues. Correspondents Detroit News, which had broached the subject, gave the example of Ellis Renwick (Alice Renwick), who worked as a nurse in the program of replacing heroin with methadone. Her partner was a former drug addict. At the age of 65, not fearing more pregnancy, she decided to refuse protection, but, as it turned out, the man was HIV-positive and later died of AIDS. "I have no one else to blame," he told Renwick, describing his condition after in 1997, she was tested for HIV and found that they had been infected. I was alone, depressed, with low self-esteem". As pointed out by scholars, this woman is not alone, the number of HIV-infected among the elderly is growing awareness about the disease leaves much to be desired. "It is still a taboo subject," says Francis Jackson (Frances Jackson) from Auckland University, which conducted a study of the views of older people about HIV/AIDS and the real risk of disease for this population. "We don't want to think about the fact that the elderly may also be sex, so we don't want to discuss it.".

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