Embryos of two British women will destroy by a court decision

Embryos of two British women will destroy by a court decisionThe Supreme court of the United Kingdom on Wednesday ordered the destruction of frozen embryos resulting from in vitro fertilization of oocytes of two women. The reason for this decision were the statements of the biological fathers of unborn children, who did not want to save the embryos after divorce. 31-year-old Natalie Evans (Natallie Evans) and 38-year-old Lorraine Hadley (Natallie Evans) collided with the action of the British act of fertilisation and embryology of man, which prohibits keep the embryos, when one of the biological parents is against it. As noted by judge Nicholas wall (Nicholas Wall), despite sympathy to all four participants of the hearings, and primarily to Natalie Evans, he had to act according to the law. The peculiarity of the case of Evans that immediately after fertilization, she had their ovaries removed, and she never will be able to have children. Both father noted that treat their ex-wives well, and the decision on the destruction of embryos has given them hard. According to the advocates of women, in a short time they intend to file an appeal. Destruction of embryos deferred pending consideration of the appeal. Mednovosti.

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