future Sea pharmacy

future Sea pharmacyThe wide potential of seas and oceans person was known since ancient times, but only recently, through the development of science and technology, the opportunity all the more to use such a valuable resource. One of the most actively developing areas nowadays is receiving medicines from different kinds of sea creatures. The fact that natural healing components much more efficiently and, especially, less harmful to the body than synthetic counterparts. Recently a group of scientists had developed a cure for blood cancer on the basis of sea sponges. The main advantage of the drug is its selective therapeutic effect on cancer cells... Recently in the city of Enkenbach conference, which brought together biochemists from different countries, who presented the results of 25 studies on the potential that is enclosed in marine life. The title of the conference were romantic Blue biotechnology offered by the sea". Sponges were the center of attention of scientists because they contain active substances that can replace synthetic drugs and to open a new page in cancer pharmacology. Characteristically, in the tissue of these sea creatures contain a zoo. From a variety of fungi, bacteria, which create a unique mixture of substances, the use of which man can bring pharmacology not is of little use. Anyway, according to Stern magazine, this opinion is shared by the German oceanographer Professor Werner E. G. mГјller (Werner E. G. Muller). Special attention was attracted another aspect is extracted from marine fungus substance sorbicillactone And has proven very effective for creating the drug from blood cancer or leukemia. Currently, the drug undergoes tests in independent, or, as they are called in the scientific world, in neutral laboratories. Of course, as long as test subjects are animals, not people. According to the forecast C. Muller, at least, must be two years before you can proceed to clinical trials developed drugs on people. The main advantage of the drug is its selective therapeutic effect on cancer cells, sending such cells a special signal, which leads to their demise. Already at the initial time of the tests biochemists suggest that this mechanism is operating effectively. In General, the principle that natural ingredients are better synthetic, have been implemented long ago. Anyway, many research laboratories bet on it. Moreover, according to biochemists, not sponge single rich underwater world: there are a number of organisms that produce a biological substance that can be successfully used in the production of drugs against human diseases. Currently there is a large number of research centers and organizations, whose main objective is the study of the biochemical potential of marine life. Only in Germany the government has allocated arisen for three years, 9 research centers and groups of 3 million euros. NEWSinfo.Ru.

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