Best friends gave delirium

Best friends gave deliriumFriends persuaded citizen A. that he had killed a man and a corpse for several days decomposes in the basement of his house.The result of the "jokes" vтяжелое mental disorder. Behind Alexander Gorokhov (name changed) has already had two convictions. The first time he received a sentence immediately after returning from the army. Then twenty-year-old Sasha and a few of his friends on the dance had a fight with a neighboring village. Ordinary fight ended in tragedy: one of the boys received a severe blow in the head and died on the dance floor. To understand who actually inflicted the fatal blow, neither the investigation nor the court did not. Alexander was sentenced to five years for reckless homicide. Released early. Married. Worked and raised their son. After a few years of happy married life, Alexander, having stood up for his wife, caused armed with a knife bully serious bodily injury and was back in prison. This time for seven years. Separation did the trick. Three years later, his wife wrote him a letter in which he asked for forgiveness and divorce. Again was released early. Even in prison, Alexander decided that the man is now gone, so more comforted herself with alcohol. After burying his mother, moved from the village to the city and got a job. Began to receive the money, but spend it on himself had no desire. Through old friends managed to find the address of his wife Helen and son. The woman even allowed former husband to come to visit them, to visit the boy. Meeting with a decade Horcom as if breathed in Alexander new life. The child did not know that his father had twice in prison, he believed that the Pope just works in the North, therefore, can be seen only occasionally. Saying goodbye to a son, Alexander promised that soon will come to visit again, but for now will be to send him money. Now most Alexander Gorokhov was afraid that I might go to jail. Fear gradually turned into a phobia, and one day the man told his new friends Valery green and Basil Stukachev. They decided to use his weakness to their advantage. On the day of the birth of Alexander they came to him as a guest, and then offered to continue the celebration at the bar. There is already firmly drunk men invited at his own table, another mutual friend. The birthday boy was not against to treat it. Late night company on the taxi came to rest in the house to Gorohova. Here's something green and provoked a quarrel with the owner. Men got into a fight: And the next morning, the friends told Alexander that he was very drunk and in a fight accidentally killed with a knife the new friend from the bar. Stunned the man showed a bloody rug, clothes and the murder weapon. And when Gorokhov asked why it is still not arrested, friends told me that they buried the body in the basement. Basil lifted the lid of the underground and showed viewcompany the ground. Now Alexander shook every rustle at the door, waiting for the arrest. In the evenings he did not move away from the TV, waiting for messages to trace missing from the bar men. After a few days Gorokhov clearly felt putrid smell coming from the basement. He even frost began to leave Windows open to get rid of this treacherous smell. As the week came to him green and he said that he needed a thousand rubles to the taxi driver, and the delivery company that evening to Gorohova about this "forgotten". Two days it took to "bribe" the bartender. Alexander dutifully gave the money and went crazy from the smell of a dead body in the house. Two weeks later he decided to confess to the crime and went to the police. When an hour later, at his house began to excavate the ground in the basement, nothing but the corpse of a dead cat there was no reply. On questioning friends Gorokhov said so simply ribbed friend. The cat knocked down machine, found on the road and buried. And any money with Alexander, they did not. The jokers had to let go. Alexander could not believe in their own innocence, and his mental condition had seriously engage physicians-psychiatrists.

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