Sensation -gram baby grew up perfectly healthy

Sensation -gram baby grew up perfectly healthyDr. Jonathan Muraskas (Jonathan Muraskas) and his colleagues at the medical center in Illinois (Loyola University Medical Center) reported that a record baby weighs at birth only 280 grams, as well as grown - today it is a perfectly healthy girl. Madeline (Madeline) was born in Chicago in 1989 by 27 week and was the tiny baby, who survived with a weight equivalent to three pieces of soap. Maraccas says that at that time the girl was a 60 percent chance of survival. In addition, Madeline as other children born with lack of weight, threatened cerebral palsy, blindness and other health problems. However, in his 14 years girl healthy, though she is small for her age - her height 136 cm, while the average children grow up to 163 cm. "I think that its development is a miracle," says Maraccas, stressing that parents should not develop a false impression that babies with the same lack of weight grow up healthy and happy. Madeline called "rare exception". Рњembrana.Ru.

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