The preparation of homeopathic medicines

The preparation of homeopathic medicinesThe preparation of homeopathic medicines The first stage of the preparation of homeopathic remedies is to obtain drugs in the most concentrated form, the so-called mother tincture. To receive infusions of vegetable or animal material is soaked (decomposes impregnation); the minerals are crushed and extracted with pure alcohol or water. Materials soaked in alcohol or water for months. Then the suspension is filtered, and get the mother tincture, pure yellowish or brownish liquid. One drop of the mother tincture is mixed with 99 drops of water or pure alcohol, the mixture is vigorously shaken. In the next stage of dilution to 99 drops of water or alcohol is added a drop of the mixture and so on. At each stage the mixture more and more diluted. It may seem strange, but the more dilute the original solution, the stronger it turns out homeopathic medicine. Hahnemann found that the diluted medicines gradually become more strong medicinal properties, and at the same time decreases the probability of unwanted aggravation of symptoms of the disease. If the original substance is insoluble in water or alcohol, it pounded into powder and mixed with pure lactose. Then it is dissolved in lactose: one part dry mix - 99 parts dry lactose, etc. by the above procedure. Ultimately, you can achieve the ratio of 1:1,000,000 (less the initial substance contains a mixture, the stronger the resulting preparation). Homeopathic remedies are made in various forms: granules, globules (tiny granules, tablets, liquids, ointments, suppositories, etc. There are over 2000 homeopathic remedies different forces, is able to safely and effectively treat a wide range of acute and chronic diseases..

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