Marijuana helps the brain to regenerate, say canadian researchers

Marijuana helps the brain to regenerate, say canadian researchersMarijuana promotes the growth of new brain cells. To this unexpected conclusion was made by canadian scientists. In contrast to "hard" drugs, inhibiting the growth of new brain cells, injection of a chemical like composition of marijuana, in mice causes the opposite effect, showed a new study by a group of scientists from the University of Saskatchewan. According to experts, the results of this work can have a big impact on the study of drug dependence and use of marijuana in medicine. For several years scientists have been studying the effects of drugs on the part of the brain called the mediated. This part of the brain is unusual in that it is in the person's life can form new neurons. Researchers have put forward the theory that these new cells can help improve a person's memory and struggle with depression and mental disorders. Many drugs, such as heroin, cocaine and alcohol, preventing the growth of new cells in mediated that, as researchers believe, can be emotionally destabilize people who are addicted to drugs. Understanding how drugs affect the mediated, can play an important role in recovery from drug addiction. Scientists from the University of Saskatchewan are going to find out how drugs similar to marijuana (collectively referred to as cannabinoids), act on the brain. The researchers made mice injections HU210, a synthetic drug, which is approximately one hundred times weaker effects than THC - the psychoactive component of marijuana. Then, using chemical instruments, scientists observed the growth of new cells in mediated. It turned out that HU210, as well as some medications-antidepressants, leads to growth of new cells in the brain. About this discovery, they reported in the journal of Clinical Investigation. This can help get rid of anxiety and depression using new drugs that may be created on the basis of cannabinoids. "A very interesting study. It makes marijuana more antidepressant than a drug," says Amelia, AIC, the researcher addiction medical center of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. At the same time, the scientists who conducted the study, does not encourage people to use marijuana. "Marijuana is used in medicine and relaxation for thousands of years," says neuroscientist Zia Jian. But it can also lead to drug dependence. The next project of this group of scientists will focus on the study of the negative side effects of marijuana. Nature (Russian text

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