When you open the door to the men's club

When you open the door to the men's clubWhen you open the door to the men's club: In the southern Indian province of Kerala for several years there is a club whose members are men whose height above 183 see At the moment the club 300 men who organize monthly meetings and discuss key issues. The next agenda was the question of the feasibility of establishing a marriage Agency on the basis of the men's club. According to the newspaper the Hindustan Times, still remains unclear whether pretender to the title of 'members club' to be as high to make the happiness of the Indian giants-men. Ginnie the argan tree Talat, the organizer of the men's club, in an interview with the newspaper reported that many tall men are ridiculed by Indians of average height (which is 174 cm). The highest member of the club Kamaruddin (2 m 13 cm) complains that the Indian transport is not suitable for 'giants', and in the cinemas they have to settle for places on Galerkin or in the most recent series, not speaking about the possibility to meet a girl and start a family. To draw attention to the club and the problems of its members, the organizers decided to invite well-known star of bollywood - Amitabh of Bacana (1 m 89 cm), according to Ananova.com..

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