Massage in diseases of the respiratory system

Massage in diseases of the respiratory systemTo the respiratory system diseases include bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis, tracheitis, pleurisy and other These diseases are widely distributed on all continents. Suffer from both adult and child population of the Earth. In many diseases of the respiratory system is assigned a massage as a component of comprehensive treatment. Massage with pneumonia (pneumonia) Pneumonia is an infectious disease, the cause of which are hypothermia, mental and physical overload and other factors causing a decrease in Resistance. High temperature (38-40 degrees), cough (dry, then with phlegm), chills, pain in Brcko, increasing cough and breathing, rapid shallow breathing. Massage with pneumonia is assigned at the final stage of treatment to eliminate residual disease. In this case, it improves the General condition of the patient, strengthens the respiratory muscles, increases blood and lymph circulation in the lungs. The massage is performed in the following sequence: 1. Massage the anterior surface of the chest. 2. Back massage. 3. Neck massage. 4. Repeated massage of the front surface of the chest. Massage the anterior surface of the chest 1. Stroke (in the direction from the bottom up to the axillary lymph nodes). 2. Squeezing (excluding breast gland in women and the nipple in men). 3. Kneading the pectoralis major muscle: a) ordinary; b) double ring; in) phalanx bent fingers; g) circular coracoid. 4. The shaking. 5. Stroking. 6. Kneading the intercostal spaces: a) rectilinear pads of the fingers (alternately); b) rectilinear pads of four fingers; C) circular pads of four fingers; d) rectilinear pad of the thumb; d) zigzag pad of the thumb. 7. Rubbing the sternum. 8. Rubbing the clavicle and places of its attachment. Back massage 1. Stroking the entire surface of the back. 2. Squeezing. 3. The long kneading the muscles of the back: a) circular pad of the thumb; b) circular pads of four fingers; in) 'sitewide'; g) circular pads of the thumbs. 4. Kneading the broadest muscle of the back: a) ordinary; b) double category; C) double ring; g) circular phalanx bent fingers. 5. Kneading area between the spine, scapula, nadopasana area: a) rectilinear limbs bent fingers; b) circular edge of the thumb; C) circular mound of the big toe. Massage of the neck and trapezius muscles 1. Stroking. 2. Squeezing. 3. Kneading: a) ordinary; b) double ring; C) circular pads of four fingers; g) circular phalanx bent fingers; d) circular radial side of the hand. Repeated massage the anterior surface of the thorax (see above)..

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