transmission Lines cause animals to develop poison

transmission Lines cause animals to develop poisonRats subjected to extreme electromagnetic fields produce ozone in dangerous concentrations. Based on these data, researchers intend to revive poticha was debate about the safety of high-voltage transmission lines. Biologists from the Pacific Northwest national laboratory in the USA (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) conducted research on the influence of electromagnetic fields on health laboratory animals and found an unexpected relationship between electromagnetism and chemical effects. The researchers put rats in a Plexiglas box, connected to the device that produced 10 kV. If an empty cell ozone concentration reached a maximum of 22 parts per billion, in the experiments, when the box was attended by rats (at a distance of the order of centimeters from the electrode of the source of corona discharge), ozone levels have soared to 200 parts per billion. It is twice higher than the level that is considered poison for people under chronic exposure. It is not clear, as a matter of fact, the formation of ozone from the ambient oxygen in the presence of the animal. In an earlier experiment, Gohin found similar concentrations of ozone near the surface of the water, under the source of corona discharge. Thus arose the so-called effect of "the emergence of Taylor cones.".

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