StIn Croatia confirmed the presence of a dangerous strain of avian influenza

 StIn Croatia confirmed the presence of a dangerous strain of avian influenzaThe government of Croatia has officially announced the availability of a deadly strain of bird flu in the country. The results of tests of samples taken from dead swans, gave a positive result. Recall that several dead birds were found on the shore of one of the ponds on the East Croatia last week. Already preliminary analyses revealed antibodies to H5N1, but to obtain accurate data of the biological material was sent to the UK. A new outbreak of the deadly avian influenza virus has expanded the number of similar cases in Europe. So, recently, H5N1 was detected in dead birds in three villages of Romania in the Danube Delta and in Turkey. To prevent the spread of avian influenza among people of European society for food security encourages people to eat only eggs and poultry meat, carefully undergone heat treatment. According to representatives of the company, the observance of these simple rules, you may be the best protection from danger, than vaccination. No vaccine against avian influenza has not yet gone through clinical trials, therefore, in the case of mutations of the virus, humanity may be unarmed in front of him. Financial Times (the Russian text of

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