Nurses should be only men

Nurses should be only menNurses should be only men The nursing care has a negative impact on women's mental health. The report, which was prepared by the specialists of the office of national statistics UK, presented data showing that more than 20 percent of women caregivers suffer from depression, anxiety and phobias. The report notes that only 12 percent of the men observed similar changes in the psyche, and male caregivers risk compared with the General population does not increase. With women it is the opposite. The nursing care significantly increases the chances of women to be in use at the doctor with complaints about problems in the state of mind. In addition, it is proved that the caregivers who spend more than 20 hours of care per week, but not live under the same roof with the object of care, twice as likely to suffer from mental illness than those who live together with him. All in all, as stated in the report "Mental health aides", in the UK there are 6.8 million such people who were interviewed 1350. Approximately half of the surveyed nurses that invested in this occupation for more than 20 hours per week, reported that in their absence must be sought for the care of a substitute. About half of them failed to make a break in my work since the beginning of the care. About one-third of caregivers believe that this activity has a negative effect on their personal lives. Source:Рњednovosti and Madlena.Ru.

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