What to do prior to arrival of the ambulance

What to do prior to arrival of the ambulanceWhat to do prior to arrival of the ambulance Human beings are resilient, yet very fragile. Should cling to the nail or fail to fall - and... in Order not to get lost in extreme situations, you need to know how to provide first aid to themselves and others. To talk about this, we asked the doctor "Ambulance" Sergei KUZNETSOV. Bleeding This is the most common type of injury. If the bleeding surface (capillary), then the wound is enough to disinfect with hydrogen peroxide, iodine or dense foliage. Rinse the wound with water, alcohol should not - this will cause the victim severe pain, but no help. Handle only need the skin around the wound, so that the inside does not spread the infection. Then wrap a piece of cotton wool sterile bandage or gauze (just wool will stick to the wound), to impose on the wound and not too tight wrap. For lack of dressing devices fit and a clean handkerchief or adhesive tape. Deep wounds should similarly apply the bandage and deliver the person to a doctor. If from a wound are outside the organs - the brain, intestines, their cover of clean gauze and in any case not pushed back. When serious injuries may occur venous or arterial bleeding. To distinguish them from each other by the color of blood: when venous she is dark red, blood red. Venous bleeding can be stopped by using a pressure bandage. At the bleeding site and put the gauze, then unexpanded bandage and a folded piece of gauze. The bandage is fixed another bandage. While you are looking for a bandage, bleeding and should be pressed with your fingers. Harness impose below the wound and not longer than an hour and a half. Arterial bleeding is the most dangerous - after three minutes a person can die from blood loss. Therefore, assistance should be provided immediately. To begin, you need to pinch the artery fingers above the wound, then apply tourniquet above the wound) and a pressure bandage on the wound. Arterial and venous bleeding, you should immediately take the victim to the hospital! Concussion Main symptoms: loss of consciousness, breathing and pulse, vomiting, dizziness. The victim unconscious must be laid on its side so that the language did not block the airway and to man choked on vomit. So it is not upside down, to bend his leg at the knee on that side on which he lies. And don't try to drink a person who is unconscious, he will drown. Even if the victim has become easier, you should immediately send it to the doctor. The trauma can be felt many years later. Dislocations and fractures They need first of all to fix the elastic or ordinary bandage. You shouldn't set a dislocation! First, it can be broken, and secondly, you may be incorrectly set. So leave that up to the doctor. Try only to reduce the pain with a cooling compress. The fracture is accompanied by considerable pain. Your task is to fix the damaged area and to prevent its movement. You can use any means at hand - stick, Board, ruler, using a bandage or a head scarf is fixed at the seat of fracture. If you suspect a fracture of the spine of a person should not turn or lift is a great danger to make it a lifelong disability. You must wait for the arrival of the doctors. If there is an open fracture and the bone comes out, it is necessary first to treat the wound and only then commit. Bones cannot be pushed inwards - they must be covered with gauze. When rib fractures man is hard to breathe. His fate will facilitate a tight bandage on the chest of elastic or a simple bandage and poluciaetsea position. Anna SHITOVA.

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