-year-old Brazilian girl gave birth to a boy with heads

-year-old Brazilian girl gave birth to a boy with  heads14-year-old Brazilian girl gave birth to a boy with 2 heads In Brazil, for the first time in the history of medicine was born a child with two heads, who lived only two days. Mom boy - 14-year-old girl from the city of Atalaya, located 700 km from the capital, Rio de Janeiro, the AP reports. According to the specialists of the hospital administrative centre of Belo Horizonte, the child were also two of the esophagus and two stomachs, but one heart and two lungs. The boy was born on Tuesday, his weight was 3.5 kg And on Thursday, after just two days, the boy died due to an interruption of the respiratory system. First, physicians have built a very optimistic forecasts about the baby: they believed that he could survive. However, on Wednesday evening he suddenly has problems with breathing and the doctors were forced to connect it to an artificial respirator, but a few hours later the baby died, according to TV Globo. As to the personality of the mother, the doctors had not told any information about it, referring to her young age. Doctors say that such is the case in medical practice is very rare. The child had apparently normal body and two heads, each of which reacted differently to the environment. Brazilian doctors have not yet reached a consensus on the definition of this case. But there is a version that are twins, which could not be separated during maternal pregnancy. Source: NTVRU.com.

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