Astronauts in flight risk to remain forever young

Astronauts in flight risk to remain forever youngAstronauts in flight risk to remain forever young Space flight can slow the aging process. This is the conclusion of scientists at the Institute for biomedical problems Russian Academy of Sciences, conducted a study of the effect of space conditions on the biological age of a person. As reported by the "MK" in the Institute, the need for such a study arose from the fact that the duration of flights is increasing and now exceeds the annual mark. For physicians it is important to be aware of not only changes the state of the organism under the influence of weightlessness, but the natural age-related processes. For experience (he was part of a ground-based experiment simulating long-term space flight) was used in one of the most important biomarkers of age - blood pressure at rest. It is known that the Earth is in a period of from 30 to 50 years in humans, there is a gradual increase in pressure ? in accordance with the natural aging process. To learn how the pressure in space, scientists every day for 240 days was measured pressure in the morning four crew members. For 8 months of isolation, increase in blood pressure was recorded only one individual ? his biological clock in space conditions fled ahead for four months. The rest of his colleagues, on the contrary, there has been a slowing aging. Instead of eight calendar months their body's blood pressure was old only five months. Source:Moskovsky Komsomolets and Madlena.Ru.

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