AquariusAquarius (January 21 - February 19) The effect of ankle foot, wrist, hands, bones of the lower limbs, eyesight. Disease - varicose veins, nervous disorders, swollen calves. The requirement is food that contains sodium chloride. Metal - tin. Plant tansy, Holly, comfrey. Vitamins C, E. To include in the diet - honey, lemons, apples, cheese, turnip greens. You should develop intuition, care about the middle. Avoid excessive fatigue, bad habits, delaying Affairs from day to day. Under favorable location of the planets Aquarians possess physical beauty and abundant vitality. But in this case, their health is fragile and they are prone to nervous disorders with long-term stress. There is a constant need to clear the blood of the relevant diet in combination with vitamins and mineral salts. The disease often comes suddenly and is caused by the randomness of life, the voltage, which was allowed to accumulate, suppressed emotions or overestimation of their physical abilities. Aquarius more than any other sign are sensitive to changes in the location of the planets and, consequently, may be subject to mental disorders. It is very important to consider that these periods of time, and prevent them from deep impact. Feelings of sadness and melancholy can undermine his health. Aquarians tend to suffer from varicose veins, swelling of the ankles and muscle spasm in the notes. Therefore it is better to avoid work where you need to stand long. In the last years of life can develop high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, if in the early years to do nothing to prevent it. In addition to low-calorie food, one of the easiest and effective means of maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system - daily exercise in the fresh air. Actually Aquarians without enthusiasm for the preservation of his health, but it is extremely important to keep yourself in shape. When unfavorable position of the Sun at the moment of birth Aquarius during critical periods of their life can become a victim of an accident when working with electrical equipment, explosions or from improperly prescribed drugs. Aquarians sometimes suffer from a strange and uncommon diseases mysterious origin that are difficult to diagnose and treat ordinary practitioners. In such cases, the medical astrologer especially valuable. He will be able to identify on the map at the time of birth and subsequent years, the nature of their unusual status, and assign a certain type of therapeutic treatment. Cramps in the legs is a typical disease. It causes poor blood circulation and lack of daily exercise. To alleviate this painful condition help some medication, breathing exercises and massage of the muscles from the knee to the heel or to the toes. Massage should be continued for two or three days after cessation of seizures. Diet. If there are no other indications on the location of the planets at the moment of birth, the food is not too large place in the life of Aquarius. He can get the full enjoyment from the beautiful table, decorated with exquisite dishes, and no less, if not more pleasure from simple food cooked on fire during some halt. Aquarius governs the Uranium, the most powerful, according to astrologers, the planet, despite its distance from the Earth. Its physiological effect is the tendency to weak blood circulation, especially in the blood vessels of the kidneys and legs. Therefore, the diet of Aquarius should be supplemented With vitamins C and bioflavonoid (including rutin), to strengthen the venous system. Daily consumption of vitamin E helps to prevent disease, especially after 35 years. In the daily menu of Aquarius should be included fresh fruit: oranges, lemons, apples, pears, grapes, pineapple. Unfavorable location of Uranium at birth reduces the production of hormones that regulate calcium-sodium balance. The result is increased nervous tension, irritability and fatigue. A lack of calcium you need to fill milk, cheese, mustard greens and turnips, soybeans, rum from molasses and almonds. Cell salt Aquarius - sodium chloride, i.e. table salt. When the shortage of water in the body cannot properly be distributed and controlled. Can develop dropsy, inflammation of mucous membranes, diarrhea, and in extreme cases, delusional state. This deficit is not replenished, unfortunately, is added to the food table salt, the excess of which can bring harm to skin diseases, headaches and kidney disease. Foods containing this salt in the correct state, are: cabbage, spinach, asparagus, celery, radish, carrots, corn, lentils, ocean fish and seafood, strawberries, apples and figs. Plants associated with Aquarius, tansy, Holly, snapdragons. Breathing exercises. The main purpose of the exercise is to stimulate circulation, soothe the nerves and increase the flow of magnetic energy through the body. It also helps to maintain a balanced functioning of the endocrine glands, two of which (the pituitary gland and parathyroid gland) is particularly important for the health of Aquarius.

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