-month-old girl transplanted liver her father

-month-old girl transplanted liver her fatherA little girl who was born just 8 months ago, has left to live very long. Atresia of the bile ducts is a severe abnormality that can be corrected only by surgery - leave no hope. The only solution could be a liver transplant. But the girl, weighing only 4 kg, could not long to wait. And now, for the first time in Italy, surgeons performed the operation. The donor was her father. the 32 - year-old resident of Turin gave her daughter the left lobe of the liver. Of course, this is a gesture of love, but also an ingenious solution from a medical point of view. To this day, children were transplanted organs from deceased donors. From Turin hospital has confirmed: "This is the first, made in Italy, surgery of the liver in a child for organ transplantation living donor". The operation, which lasted a total of 13 hours, held by a group of surgeons, led by Dr. Mauro Salizzoni. According to doctors, in the technical sense operation can be considered successful. Salizzoni - chief physician of the surgical clinic. Surgeons learned techniques such operations in the School of pediatric surgery at the Clinic of San - Luc, Catholic University in Lovanio (Belgium), in the centre, headed by Professor Otte and known throughout Europe..

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