Blood sugar will be measured by using infrared rays

Blood sugar will be measured by using infrared raysBlood sugar will be measured by using infrared rays Researchers at the University of Hokkaido in conjunction with scientists from private companies managed to develop a device for measuring the blood sugar level by applying a beam of infra-red rays. According to the news Agency Kyodo, its clinical trials successfully started in one of the hospitals in the city of Sapporo. Now patients with diabetes mellitus, for which the main treatment is insulin, do not have to measure from two to four times daily blood sugar by using injections, they will be enough to bring the device to the hand and under the influence of light directed to the skin to get instant results, transfers ITAR-TASS. The principle of operation is based on measuring computer performance infrared rays after their reflection from the skin of the patient, as scientists have long known that contained in the blood glucose is able to absorb this light, says one of its inventors Professor of biospectroscopy of Mamoru Tamura. According to the scientist, the device was developed in the framework of research on the creation of an artificial pancreas. Measurement error does not exceed 15%, which fully complies with international medical standards. Source: Lenta.Ru.

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