Angola coped with the outbreak of fever Marburg for the year

Angola coped with the outbreak of fever Marburg for the yearAngola coped with the outbreak of fever Marburg, occurred in October of last year. Representatives who noted that in the last three weeks not reported any new cases of the disease, and this figure is considered as a basis for declaring the epidemic ended. The largest outbreak of hemorrhagic fever Marburg caused the deaths of 329 people, mostly affected Northern province of Uige. The nature of the infection for a long time remained unknown. on March 23 of this year, who reported that the cause of the epidemic of a mysterious infection in Angola was the causative agent of fever Marburg. The virus was detected in 9 of 12 samples taken from dead patients. Despite explanatory work among the population, local residents were reluctant to cooperate with doctors and feared that the doctors spread infection instead of fighting it. Misunderstanding and fear led to the attacks on the staff of the international missions. The Independent (Russian text

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