Laptop brings to impotence

Laptop brings to impotenceOver the past few years, laptops have become ingrained in our lives. Powerful and modern and at the same time small and light, they successfully replace a full-fledged personal computers, and also has its undeniable advantages. But, it turns out that along with these laptops have certain drawbacks:As shown by studies conducted at the University of York under the supervision of Professor Efim sheikina, the use of laptops can cause: infertility. As you know, for the formation of male gametes - sperm - desired temperature is about 34 degrees. Actually, that is why during the evolution of the male sex glands - testes - "emigrated" in the scrotum, "made" outside the body, maintaining temperature at 36.6 degrees. But, as scientists have found in the course of the research, which was attended by 29 volunteers, men accustomed to working with laptops, lying on his knees, the temperature of testicles increases by at least 2 degrees. First, it contributes to the posture required for the consideration of the hips in itself increases the temperature of testicles on 2.1 degrees. Secondly, after prolonged use, some parts of the laptop can heat up to 70 degrees Celsius, which also contributes to overheating. "While we do not have data on how reversible disruption of the genital glands associated with them," said the doctor sheikin. In addition, we have yet to sort out what should be the minimum duration and frequency of work with laptops to ensure that they create extra degrees has had any significant effect on the body. But the General conclusion is clear - the laptop is not so harmless, according to the majority of users.".

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