"Viagra" has found application in transplantation?

Viagra, occupying the first place in terms of sales on the market of medications to treat impotency, may soon find wide application in transplantation. As shown by studies conducted by scientists from the University of Florida, the drug effectively reduces blood pressure in people who underwent a heart transplant, causing significantly fewer side effects than classical antihypertensive agents. In the course of the research, which was attended by 15 people who underwent a heart transplant and patients suffering from arterial hypertension, it has been shown that the daily use of "Viagra" in a dose of 50 mg standard dose for treatment of erectile dysfunction) lowers blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation, and in the vessels of the lungs. The pressure is not reduced below the normal level, which is the absolute advantage "Viagra" in front of other drugs. "We found the effect of "Viagra" suggests that this drug will be widely used in transplantation as a means to reduce blood pressure," said the researchers. It is reported portal AskDoctor.Ru. But here's the strange thing. Doctors are aware that Viagra was originally developed as an antihypertensive agent. Why these properties are now reported as something new?.

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