Biochip in advance will determine adverse reactions

Biochip in advance will determine adverse reactionsSwiss pharmaceutical group Roche ("Roche") began to supply the U.S. market, the world's first biochip, through which the doctor can determine ahead of time how effective a particular drug for a specific patient, and what side effects it can have him call. Based biochip is the technology biochip developed by the American firm "Affymetrix". Source of information is the drop of blood or a swab from the mucous membrane in the oral cavity of the patient. Biochip analyzes mutations of two genes that play an important role in learning about a quarter of all marketed prescription drugs v for example, antidepressants and means of reducing the blood pressure. Still when prescribing doctors were forced to operate almost blindly, by trial and error. Every year in the US alone there are nearly 2 million cases of intolerance to medications, of which 100 thousand fatal. Experts believe that the use of the biochip company Roche will help prevent from 10 to 20 percent of these cases. Deutsche Welle.

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