Scientists have named the most disgusting food for man

Scientists have named the most disgusting food for manStill, many believed that among unfamiliar foods people consider the most disgusting food of animal origin. However, Australian researchers from the University of Flinders and Torotno found that this is not the case. The most unpleasant new products, in their opinion, people feel slimy, sticky and mushy. Scientists remind us that the aversion to a particular food had an evolutionary function - it allows the person time to remove poisonous or rotten food from the mouth. Now it turned out that not taste and smell, and the structure is the strongest component of disgust. During their experiments, the researchers gave people unfamiliar products, which were fake labels, so that the tasters were not able to identify the food by name. Then people are asked whether they have it, and if not, why not. In the jelly-like products have been named the most disgusting, regardless of their animal or vegetable origin. His dislike of such food people explained unpleasant feeling in the mouth", which, according to scientists, can be purely individual. Experts say that this and other studies will help in the study of so-called food neophobia, a fairly big problem, as about 38% of people use a set of less than 10 products, it's hard to call a healthy diet. Membrana.Ru.

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