Craving for alcohol inherited

Craving for alcohol inheritedAccording to the German and Hungarian researchers, not only alcoholism, but v first v a widespread desire for the bottle in moments of stress largely explained by genetic factors. After a number of experiments on mice, the scientists of the Institute of molecular neurobiology at the University of Bonn, headed by Professor Andreas Zimmer (Andreas Zimmer) and their colleagues from the Budapest laboratory neuromorphology came to the conclusion that an extremely important role in alcohol dependence play a special proteins v the so-called cannabinoid receptors SW. Blame the gene encoding the protein receptor. During laboratory experiments mice after stress started, usually to consume more alcohol. However, in mice lacking the gene encoding the protein-receptor SW, this effect was not observed. In addition, these animals are unlike their counterparts in the control group v upon completion of the experiments showed no signs of withdrawal syndrome. According to Professor Zimmer, under normal conditions, the cannabinoid receptors have no effect on the consumption of alcohol, however, where we are talking about abstinence or on the consumption of alcohol as stress reactions, receptors SW play a key role. Hence, says the Professor, drugs that suppress the activity of these receptors, can be useful in the treatment of some forms of alcoholism. [Deutsche Welle].

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