Sick child gave sunscreen glass on ВЈ ,

Sick child gave sunscreen glass on ВЈ ,A child suffering from a rare disease that makes it impossible to stay in the light, will now be able to play under the sun. This became possible thanks to the precious gift of the local branch of the charity organization "Lions Club", which paid for the creation of the gallery with the special glasses that filter completely destructive ultraviolet light. Three-year-old David Jones (David Jones), living in Bromsgrove (Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, is only one of the four people in the UK suffering from liver xeroderma, and in his case, the disease is more severe. Earlier on the street, he could only appear in three layers of clothing, using sunscreen with a factor of 60. "He never appeared in the sun. Even a short action of the rays will cause burns and blisters. Now he can play like his friends, in shorts and a t-shirt. This is a huge difference for his physical and mental health", said the child's mother Kathleen (Kathleen). Construction of the gallery at a cost of 20 thousand pounds, and last year he received NASA made protective suit price of 1000 pounds..

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