Ancestors are guilty of diseases descendants

Ancestors are guilty of diseases descendantsThe ancestors of modern Scots are responsible for disease in their descendants. A new study has shown that the Scots contaminated soil dioxin. Now, the main source of dioxins (rich in chlorine compounds, years remaining in the soil) is the industry. But these substances are found in samples of Scottish soils of the nineteenth century, long before the advent of modern dirty industries. And the reason v heating peat, believe Andy Meharg and Kenneth Culham from the University of Aberdeen. In coastal areas the peat absorbs chlorine together with salt from sea water, part of it is released in the form of dioxins during combustion in the smoky hearth. Читать полностью -->

Full men are more faithful in marriage

Full men are more faithful in marriageOverweight men are less likely to change their girlfriends life than men with normal or low weight. German researchers believe that this is not due to sexual inadequacy "fat people", and with their lower propensity to search for sexual adventures. Interviewing a thousand German men aged from 31 to 69 years, scientists have concluded that 23 percent of respondents with normal weight tend to "walk left", while among the more full of men this percentage was two times below 11. Among those whose weight was assessed as moderately high, "walkers" was 19 per cent. Men heavyweights less prone not only to cheating partners, but also to visit brothels or use the services of "call girls". While sexual activity is full of men did not differ from that of the more lightweight. Читать полностью -->

Coffee beans contain a carcinogen?

Coffee beans contain a carcinogen?Coffee beans contain a carcinogen? Barely had time American scientists to inform the world about what caffeine can protect against cancer, as German researchers have found more than thirty varieties of coffee substance acrylamide, which may contribute to the emergence of cancerous tumors in animals. "It has long been known that acrylamide is found in coffee beans," says the environmental editor of the German magazine Oeko-Test Hella Hansen (Hella Hansen, "We want to understand what amount of it falls into the Cup with coffee. On the other hand, the acrylamide is present in potato chips, water, bread and other products. In animals, this substance can cause cancer, but it is still unknown whether the same people. Doctors have long been studying coffee, trying to prove (or to disprove) that a decent drink has any relation to heart disease, infertility and even cancer. However, for example, the American society for research on cancer (American Cancer Society) announced that the results of a large number of studies to find a connection between coffee and cancer and failed. Читать полностью -->

Always be slim

Always be slimAlways be slim Even Schiller bequeathed: slim down! Women, like the air, you want the attention of men and their compliments - they give confidence and help to manifest individuality. However, smart women only appreciate those compliments that actually correspond to reality. But in order to always be worthy of compliments, you need to constantly work on themselves to monitor their appearance. Every woman wants to preserve youth and beauty as long as possible. It's no news that every era offers its own standards of female beauty. We are a sly grin, looking at the lush Flemish seductresses, given to us by Rubens. Читать полностью -->

women were born immediately six children!

women were born immediately six children!Of six children born to a resident of the Central Chinese province of Henan, 24-year-old van Functoin. As reported today by the local media, in one of Beijing's hospitals, where they were at birth, was born five boys and one girl. Birth weight ranged from 1.730 to 1.950 kg unfortunately, the doctors were unable to save the life of one of the boys. However, the other five children and their mother, undergoing cesarean section, feel good, ITAR-TASS reported. China pursues a policy of "one family - one child", however, happy families, where were born twins, the government provides various incentives and subsidies.. . Читать полностью -->

How to keep the incontinence?

How to keep the incontinence?How to keep the incontinence? Urinary incontinence suffer many old people. To help them get rid of this condition is actually very difficult. We can only give some advice: don't drink in the evening, no liquids, to do in the morning cold rubdown, to arrange the bed so that her legs she was slightly elevated. Should be completely excluded from the diet of watermelon, celery, grapes, cucumbers and other products possessing diuretic effect. But drink in the morning on an empty stomach 1 Cup fresh carrot juice is very useful. Will benefit and herbs. Читать полностью -->

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