For the treatment of female infertility attracted monkeys

For the treatment of female infertility attracted monkeysAmerican biologists have developed a method of infertility treatment for women with remote or non-working ovaries. In the experiment, the researchers simulated the situation when the ovary was removed or damaged as a result of cancer chemotherapy. Seven makaka with remote ovaries biologists transplanted fragments of healthy tissue in their gonads in the kidney, arm and abdominal cavity. In all animals the graft began to produce sex hormones, and in four cases were obtained oocytes. One of the eggs were artificially fertilized and transplanted into a surrogate mother, which led to the birth of a healthy child. According to the researchers, this technique can help women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, to have children. Читать полностью -->

Which is more harmful than Smoking or industrial dust?

Which is more harmful than Smoking or industrial dust?In the study conducted by American scientists revealed that the effects of industrial dust and toxic fumes at the workplace leads to the development of 5 million cases of chronic obstructive lung disease, characterized by impaired patency of the bronchi and/or lower respiratory surface of the lung tissue. Smoking remains the main cause of chronic obstructive lung diseases. According to the American Pulmonology Association, 80 to 90% of cases of these diseases due to Smoking, the remaining 10-20% of the professional hazards. This study found that industrial pollution is greater than the previously assumed value. Revealed that such occupational hazards can cause a 31% incidence of this pathology, which in America die each year 100,000 people. Scientists have suggested a link honey diseases and the influence of dust, fumes, exhaust and particulate matter from these workers. Читать полностью -->

The detected physiological cause of infidelity

The detected physiological cause of infidelityThe detected physiological cause of infidelity American scientists seem to have found a physiological cause of infidelity. Women who are unsure of their husbands, you should ask about the level of the hormone testosterone in the blood of their spouses, expert advice from Harvard University. They conducted experiments on birds and proved that the lower the hormone, however, males are prone to frivolity. The same trend was detected during the examination of people. In married men testosterone levels are lower than those of singles. The most low hormone in men who are fathers. Читать полностью -->

Advertising of drugs is injurious to health

Advertising of drugs is injurious to healthOn the Russian TV advertising of medicines made unfair and poor. So says the Director of the research Institute of vaccines and sera them. Mechnikov RAMS academician Boris Semenov. "Cannot screen to convince people that a particular drug will help everyone," he said. According to the scientist, "if you take the advertising tools used against allergies, it is not just wrong, but it is injurious to health". "First of all, people need to find out from the doctor what causes allergic reaction and how to cure it," said Semyonov. Читать полностью -->

Scientists predict this fall worldwide epidemic of avian influenza

Scientists predict this fall worldwide epidemic of avian influenzaRussian scientists do not exclude that the fall in the world could start an epidemic caused by a virus avian influenza. This was announced on Friday, the Director of the Institute of Virology behalf of the D. I. Ivanovsky RAMS, academician Dmitry Lvov. Avian influenza is a serious danger of a new pandemic - an epidemic that can cover the whole world", - said the lions. Such a pandemic, he said, can occur as a result of crossing avian virus with the virus of human influenza, for example in the body of pigs that are equally susceptible to both viruses. Читать полностью -->

Why media support inventors rental?

Why media support inventors rental?It is now fashionable to call the Internet a "rubbish dump" and other bad words. Moreover, the more specific the information, the more such conversations. Unfortunately, even the most reputable medical electronic publications often become agents of dubious information. Not going to stop at one of the prominent representatives, the proud name of "Embassy of medicine" does not prevent him to publish news six-month-old Just look at the last two examples, when the news is clearly of dubious quality to be published as an opening. Without a doubt, a very popular and useful resource eve has published this news: Water hardness and the concentration of fluorine is inversely related to the incidence of CHD, reported in the February issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. At the same time, some trace elements such as iron and copper, increase the risk of heart disease. Читать полностью -->

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