Scientists have named the most disgusting food for man

Scientists have named the most disgusting food for manStill, many believed that among unfamiliar foods people consider the most disgusting food of animal origin. However, Australian researchers from the University of Flinders and Torotno found that this is not the case. The most unpleasant new products, in their opinion, people feel slimy, sticky and mushy. Scientists remind us that the aversion to a particular food had an evolutionary function - it allows the person time to remove poisonous or rotten food from the mouth. Now it turned out that not taste and smell, and the structure is the strongest component of disgust. During their experiments, the researchers gave people unfamiliar products, which were fake labels, so that the tasters were not able to identify the food by name. Читать полностью -->

Most Americans can't sleep without pills

Most Americans can't sleep without pillsAccording to the latest data, the number of Americans aged 20 to 44 years who sleep AIDS is steadily increasing. Only since 2004 that figure had doubled. During this time increased by 190 percent and the total number of people who abuse the means to improve sleep. A much bigger concern to researchers, the increase in the consumption of sleeping pills among children and adolescents aged 10 to 19 years. Compared with 2000, this figure rose to 85 percent. Market research of consumers, sleeping pills have shown that about 15 percent of children in addition to the use of sleeping pills also drugs, which in turn causes even greater sleep disturbance. Читать полностью -->

Biochip in advance will determine adverse reactions

Biochip in advance will determine adverse reactionsSwiss pharmaceutical group Roche ("Roche") began to supply the U.S. market, the world's first biochip, through which the doctor can determine ahead of time how effective a particular drug for a specific patient, and what side effects it can have him call. Based biochip is the technology biochip developed by the American firm "Affymetrix". Source of information is the drop of blood or a swab from the mucous membrane in the oral cavity of the patient. Biochip analyzes mutations of two genes that play an important role in learning about a quarter of all marketed prescription drugs v for example, antidepressants and means of reducing the blood pressure. Still when prescribing doctors were forced to operate almost blindly, by trial and error. Читать полностью -->

the Russians were three times as likely to call an ambulance

the Russians were three times as likely to call an ambulanceSince 1995 the people of Russia were three times more likely to call an Ambulance. This was announced at the first national Congress of physicians "medical emergency" Deputy Director of the Department of medical assistance and balneology of the Ministry. Thus, the number of calls to the remote dispatcher ambulance has grown from 15 to 50 million. Moreover, moles emphasized that most calls were "unfounded". Often in ambulance calls people who just want to get a shot, whereas it is the direct responsibility of doctors. In 2004 ambulance served 52,5 million citizens. Читать полностью -->

"Viagra" has found application in transplantation?

Viagra, occupying the first place in terms of sales on the market of medications to treat impotency, may soon find wide application in transplantation. As shown by studies conducted by scientists from the University of Florida, the drug effectively reduces blood pressure in people who underwent a heart transplant, causing significantly fewer side effects than classical antihypertensive agents. In the course of the research, which was attended by 15 people who underwent a heart transplant and patients suffering from arterial hypertension, it has been shown that the daily use of "Viagra" in a dose of 50 mg standard dose for treatment of erectile dysfunction) lowers blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation, and in the vessels of the lungs. The pressure is not reduced below the normal level, which is the absolute advantage "Viagra" in front of other drugs. "We found the effect of "Viagra" suggests that this drug will be widely used in transplantation as a means to reduce blood pressure," said the researchers. It is reported portal AskDoctor.Ru. Читать полностью -->

Laptop brings to impotence

Laptop brings to impotenceOver the past few years, laptops have become ingrained in our lives. Powerful and modern and at the same time small and light, they successfully replace a full-fledged personal computers, and also has its undeniable advantages. But, it turns out that along with these laptops have certain drawbacks:As shown by studies conducted at the University of York under the supervision of Professor Efim sheikina, the use of laptops can cause: infertility. As you know, for the formation of male gametes - sperm - desired temperature is about 34 degrees. Actually, that is why during the evolution of the male sex glands - testes - "emigrated" in the scrotum, "made" outside the body, maintaining temperature at 36.6 degrees. But, as scientists have found in the course of the research, which was attended by 29 volunteers, men accustomed to working with laptops, lying on his knees, the temperature of testicles increases by at least 2 degrees. Читать полностью -->

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