Music will help back pain

Music will help back painMusic will help back pain With a long-term problem is not passing back pain will help composers. As set Austrian scientists, listening to music with certain relaxation exercises helps people to feel much better. They have not only reduced pain, and improved sleep. For effective treatment is 25 minutes of music per day. This study was conducted by the specialists of the hospital of Salzburg (Salzburg) under the guidance of a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Franz Bendtner (Franz Wendtner). The researchers gathered a group of 65 patients aged from 21 to 68 years, who suffered from chronic pain after an operation for a slipped disc. Читать полностью -->

High-fiber diet

High-fiber dietHigh-fiber diet This diet is very healthy, as it contains all the necessary components of a healthy diet, plus allows you to lose weight. It can be used for a long time, but nutritionists advise not to get involved, and to eat according to the diet for about seven days. First Breakfast:a glass of unsweetened tea or a Cup of black coffee without sugar; Second Breakfast: 40 gr. cheese; Lunch: a hard-boiled egg, 120 gr. lean meat, boiled or steamed, 20 gr. cheese; Afternoon snack: a glass of unsweetened tea; Dinner: 120 gr. Читать полностью -->

a Complete list of what sex

a Complete list of what sexFor fans of abstinence came sad news. If abstaining from sex and is useful only from a spiritual point of view. No use for body abstention shall not be, says the influential American magazine Forbes (translation on the website The best that modern science can say about sexual abstinence is the fact that it is harmless in moderation. Conversely, regular healthy sex gives a lot of advantages, both men and women (of course, assumes that you do not get any sexually transmitted infection). Experts from Queen's University, Belfast, conducted a study in which they monitored the dependence of the overall health from the regularity of sex. Читать полностью -->

The cheese helps to keep the tan

The cheese helps to keep the tanThe cheese helps to keep the tan Turkish doctors say that the gifts of nature - the best remedy for sunburn and protect against sunburn. Researchers are advised to eat as much watermelon, peaches, apricots, melons, mango and pumpkin. Active substances contained in them, accumulate under the skin and contributing to the development of melanin, which gives it a Golden color, even when there is no sun. In addition, the Turkish doctors say that it is possible to hold longer sea tan. For this you need to include in your diet are spinach, potatoes, liver, and cheese. Source:news and Madlena.Ru. Читать полностью -->

SARS mutates?

SARS mutates?Canadian doctors have discovered a new virus that, according to preliminary data, similar to the causative agent of SARS - SARS. The new virus, however, is somewhat less dangerous to human health than SARS. As reported by Radio Svoboda, a new virus has infected the inhabitants of nursing homes in the Vancouver area. Three of them died from acute inflammation of the respiratory tract, but most individuals infected with the disease progressed in a fairly mild form. Корреспондент.net. . Читать полностью -->

The doctor-therapist Sapozhnikova Olga Borisovna

The doctor-therapist Sapozhnikova Olga BorisovnaThe doctor-therapist Sapozhnikova Olga Borisovna Not just a therapist, and unique teacher who has the power to reveal the child's ability to assist in the resolution of problems of primary school and preschool age.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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