Breast cancer

Breast cancerDevelops often, about 1 out of 10 women. Risk factors: menopause at the age of 50 years; no birth or first childbirth at the age of 30 years (incidence 3 times more likely); family history indicative of breast cancer in mother, sister (2 times more) or both (6 times more); fibrocystic breast disease (3-5 times more often). Early diagnosis of breast cancer provides a successful treatment for most patients. Five-year survival rate in the treatment of localized forms I-II stage is 90%, in case of locally spread cancer - 60%. The treatment results are much worse in the presence of distant Metastasio. In the diagnosis of breast cancer the importance of systematic self-examination (4 times per year) and medical examinations of women aged 40 years and older (1 year). Читать полностью -->

Angola coped with the outbreak of fever Marburg for the year

Angola coped with the outbreak of fever Marburg for the yearAngola coped with the outbreak of fever Marburg, occurred in October of last year. Representatives who noted that in the last three weeks not reported any new cases of the disease, and this figure is considered as a basis for declaring the epidemic ended. The largest outbreak of hemorrhagic fever Marburg caused the deaths of 329 people, mostly affected Northern province of Uige. The nature of the infection for a long time remained unknown. on March 23 of this year, who reported that the cause of the epidemic of a mysterious infection in Angola was the causative agent of fever Marburg. The virus was detected in 9 of 12 samples taken from dead patients. Читать полностью -->

Blood sugar will be measured by using infrared rays

Blood sugar will be measured by using infrared raysBlood sugar will be measured by using infrared rays Researchers at the University of Hokkaido in conjunction with scientists from private companies managed to develop a device for measuring the blood sugar level by applying a beam of infra-red rays. According to the news Agency Kyodo, its clinical trials successfully started in one of the hospitals in the city of Sapporo. Now patients with diabetes mellitus, for which the main treatment is insulin, do not have to measure from two to four times daily blood sugar by using injections, they will be enough to bring the device to the hand and under the influence of light directed to the skin to get instant results, transfers ITAR-TASS. The principle of operation is based on measuring computer performance infrared rays after their reflection from the skin of the patient, as scientists have long known that contained in the blood glucose is able to absorb this light, says one of its inventors Professor of biospectroscopy of Mamoru Tamura. According to the scientist, the device was developed in the framework of research on the creation of an artificial pancreas. Measurement error does not exceed 15%, which fully complies with international medical standards. Читать полностью -->

-month-old girl transplanted liver her father

-month-old girl transplanted liver her fatherA little girl who was born just 8 months ago, has left to live very long. Atresia of the bile ducts is a severe abnormality that can be corrected only by surgery - leave no hope. The only solution could be a liver transplant. But the girl, weighing only 4 kg, could not long to wait. And now, for the first time in Italy, surgeons performed the operation. The donor was her father. Читать полностью -->

summer camps Russia underfeed children

summer camps Russia underfeed childrenThe Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare has published the results conference call of the Chief state sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko with Heads of territorial administrations and the Major medical Centers of hygiene and epidemiology of the Federal service of the Russian Federation subjects, which dealt with the question about the results of the first shift children's summer recreation campaign of 2005. The results were disappointing. Almost a third have reduced the number of summer camps on the territory of Russia. This year in the country were opened 41 656 children's health institutions, and last year this figure was 61 619, and 487 camps simply not been taken into operation due to their failure to comply with the required standards. For country fixed camps in 4-5 meals a day nutrition amount per child per day is 80-85 rubles, institutions, day stay at 2-3 times meals per day amount 40-45 rubles. In establishments of sanatorium type 6 meals a day on average is $ 100 per day. Читать полностью -->


AquariusAquarius (January 21 - February 19) The effect of ankle foot, wrist, hands, bones of the lower limbs, eyesight. Disease - varicose veins, nervous disorders, swollen calves. The requirement is food that contains sodium chloride. Metal - tin. Plant tansy, Holly, comfrey. Vitamins C, E. Читать полностью -->

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