Record the number of deaths from overwork at work

Record the number of deaths from overwork at workRecord the number of deaths from overwork at work In Japan recorded a record number of deaths from "fatigue at work". According to the data released today by the Ministry of health and labour, in the last financial year (ended 31 March) stress and excessive fatigue in the workplace cost the lives of 143 Japanese. Compared with the previous year, current increased by almost 70% and became the dark for 15 years of doing such statistics. Experts, meanwhile, anxiously forecast its further growth. According to psychologists, this is due to the fact that Japanese companies are gradually break the traditional system of lifetime employment, preferring Western models when the size of the wage does not depend on "seniority" and the specific merit. Fearing to be on the street, people, state specialists, screaming. Читать полностью -->

Scientists have developed a way of reading thoughts

Scientists have developed a way of reading thoughtsUsing brain scanners, researchers found that people extract from the bottom of remembering old memories, reproducing the actions for which associated images were laid out in memory. Keeping track of which parts of the brain "highlight" when the person recovers something in memory, neuroscientists could predict what he will think twice before he could speak. Someday it will be able to help people with memory disorders, for example, suffering from Alzheimer's disease. "We were able to see how thoughts come to the surface," said one of the participants in the study. When people remembered the Taj Mahal, their brains showed the same pattern of activity as when they first showed the picture. When they started to think about the place and about the subject or celebrities, researchers observed increased activity in other areas of the brain, before man had learned memory. Читать полностью -->

Antibiotics cause breast cancer

Antibiotics cause breast cancerWith frequent use of antibiotics, the risk of developing breast cancer is doubled, reports Reuters. This is the conclusion of researchers at the University of Washington. In the study, the report of which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, examined the medical histories of more than 10 thousand women. Neither of them offered to take antibiotics unnecessarily, but only followed the prescriptions for 17 years. Among women over this period took antibiotics for more than 500 days is more than 25 courses of treatment, the incidence of breast cancer was at least two times higher than among women who were not taking antibiotics at all. Women who are less than 25 courses of antibiotic therapy, had cancer in one and a half times more often. Читать полностью -->


EpilepsyWhat is the General characteristic of the disease? It is a chronic disease of the brain characterized by repeated seizures (see "Emergency care and pre-hospital resuscitation").. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Complex resuscitation of newborns KRM-

Complex resuscitation of newborns KRM-The system is designed to create conditions for effective measures to restore vital functions in infants who are in a terminal condition or clinical death, as well as heating of the bed, on which is placed the newborn (removable table device, crib, changing table, etc.,) in terms of maternity homes and clinics. Manufacturer: Spiraled Country: Russia City: Moscow The complex includes: TABLE NEONATAL (SN-01M) THE HEATING DEVICE BED (LOI-01M) Each device is equipped: An infrared emitter, which ensures uniform heat distribution over the surface of the bed Remote control and temperature sensor, ensuring the maintenance of the set temperature mode mattress bed with established flexible heater, powered safe voltage of 6 V, creating surface temperatures on the bed (5 2)'C above the ambient temperature, regardless of the position of the controls on the remote. Both devices are easy to move across the floor space on four wheels, two of which have brakes. The complex is equipped with audio-visual alarm system that is triggered when any abnormal situation that resulted in the release of any complex parameters for the specified limits: the deviation of the set temperature by more than 1'C the temperature rise more than 39.5'C open circuit temperature sensor disconnect the power supply to the failure of infrared radiation the mismatch indicator given temperature over 0.5 hour. Upon request of the buyer, the system can be equipped with automatic and manual ventilator, syringe pump dispenser for the influence of drugs, pneumatisation. Specifications the regulation limits the surface temperature of the bed from the source of external heat, 'C 38 34.. Читать полностью -->

Caffeine against skin cancer

Caffeine against skin cancerCaffeine against skin cancer The researchers found that caffeine reduces the risk of skin cancer twice when applying it on the skin. The results of the experiment on laboratory mice showed that body lotions containing caffeine protects the skin from harmful UV rays. American researchers have conducted experiments on 90 mice that twice a day for 20 days were exposed to radiation. Dr. Alan Horses from Rutgers University (new Jersey) suggested that caffeine and substance infused with green tea, EGCG, has been very effective means of combating skin diseases. The results of the experiment on mice showed that the number of cancer cells decreased to 72% in the treatment of caffeine, and to 66% in the treatment of EGCG. Читать полностью -->

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