Brucellosis in Georgia

Brucellosis in GeorgiaGeorgia has reported 10 cases of human brucellosis. This is a disease that can be transmitted among individuals of cattle and humans, was detected in workers of two dining rooms and one farm approximately 140 km South-East of the capital, said the TV company "Imedi" was referring to the local epidemiologists. Currently, the authorities take preventive measures to prevent the spread of disease. RBC. . . Читать полностью -->

the US Government is sabotaging the negotiations on the international anti-tobacco agreement

 the US Government is sabotaging the negotiations on the international anti-tobacco agreementA coalition of several medical societies in the United States, accused the Bush administration sabotage taking place in Geneva (Switzerland) negotiations on an international anti-Smoking agreement. The draft Treaty prohibits tax-free sale of tobacco products, and also imposes restrictions on the advertising of cigarettes. It is obvious that the commercial interests of the major American tobacco companies can be seriously affected if the document is adopted. The U.S. government systematically weakens each item of the contract, and, in parallel, trying to affect developing countries, tacitly threatening them with economic sanctions. "I'm ashamed of the role of my government, trying to disrupt these important negotiations," said Alfred Munzer, Chapter of the American Association of pulmonologists. Читать полностью -->


SpaSpa The resort is located in the Western part of Slovakia in 80 km from Bratislava. Indications: diseases of the musculoskeletal - arthritis degenerative and inflammatory diseases ( arthritis, muscle and extra-articular rheumatism) , diseases of the spine, rehabilitation after injuries, operations and implantation of artificial joints. Accommodation in sanatoriums "Balnea Palace", "Balnea Esplanade", "Thermia Palace and many other of your choice.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Sensation -gram baby grew up perfectly healthy

Sensation -gram baby grew up perfectly healthyDr. Jonathan Muraskas (Jonathan Muraskas) and his colleagues at the medical center in Illinois (Loyola University Medical Center) reported that a record baby weighs at birth only 280 grams, as well as grown - today it is a perfectly healthy girl. Madeline (Madeline) was born in Chicago in 1989 by 27 week and was the tiny baby, who survived with a weight equivalent to three pieces of soap. Maraccas says that at that time the girl was a 60 percent chance of survival. In addition, Madeline as other children born with lack of weight, threatened cerebral palsy, blindness and other health problems. However, in his 14 years girl healthy, though she is small for her age - her height 136 cm, while the average children grow up to 163 cm. Читать полностью -->

Syndrome ovarian sclerochiton

Syndrome ovarian sclerochitonSYNDROME SCLEROCYSTIC OVARIAN syndrome (Stein-Leventhal) most often occurs when the impaired function of the hypothalamic-giovianni system, dysfunction of the adrenal cortex or primary lesion of ovary (violation of the biosynthesis of steroid hormones) and is characterized by amenorrhea different duration (sometimes acyclic bleeding, hirsutism and other manifestations Verilog syndrome (see Chapter "Endocrine and metabolic diseases), obesity, infertility and enlarged polycystic-modified ovaries. Usually occurs at the age of 20-30 years. The diagnosis is based on a typical patient complaints and the detection of gynecological investigation of bilateral ovarian enlargement. The precise diagnosis by radiography of the pelvic organs with pneumoperitoneum, ultrasound and laparoscopy. Hormonal studies establish several high content of 17-ketosteroids (up to 20 mg/day), and androstenediol. Tests of functional diagnostics indicate anovulation. Читать полностью -->

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