What to do prior to arrival of the ambulance

What to do prior to arrival of the ambulanceWhat to do prior to arrival of the ambulance Human beings are resilient, yet very fragile. Should cling to the nail or fail to fall - and... in Order not to get lost in extreme situations, you need to know how to provide first aid to themselves and others. To talk about this, we asked the doctor "Ambulance" Sergei KUZNETSOV. Bleeding This is the most common type of injury. If the bleeding surface (capillary), then the wound is enough to disinfect with hydrogen peroxide, iodine or dense foliage. Читать полностью -->

Gay South Africa are allowed to adopt children

Gay South Africa are allowed to adopt childrenGay South Africa are allowed to adopt children Announcing the decision of the constitutional court of South Africa, judge Lewis Skweyiya declared that the rights and interests of children are paramount, and homosexual couples are likely to provide family care to minors. The decision of the constitutional court of South Africa applies to homosexual couples in long-term partnerships". The court found that the people in this Union, "should allow the adoption, because such relationships can provide care and support for those children who need it". This decision of the South African court made on the basis of the claim of two lesbians, notes . "Family life, according to the Constitution, can happen in a variety of ways. Stable life, support and custody of children, provided in accordance with the "Act for the Protection of childhood", can provide children with the people who are in long-term homosexual partnerships," announced judge Lewis Skweyiya. Читать полностью -->

Nurses should be only men

Nurses should be only menNurses should be only men The nursing care has a negative impact on women's mental health. The report, which was prepared by the specialists of the office of national statistics UK, presented data showing that more than 20 percent of women caregivers suffer from depression, anxiety and phobias. The report notes that only 12 percent of the men observed similar changes in the psyche, and male caregivers risk compared with the General population does not increase. With women it is the opposite. The nursing care significantly increases the chances of women to be in use at the doctor with complaints about problems in the state of mind. In addition, it is proved that the caregivers who spend more than 20 hours of care per week, but not live under the same roof with the object of care, twice as likely to suffer from mental illness than those who live together with him. Читать полностью -->

StIn Croatia confirmed the presence of a dangerous strain of avian influenza

 StIn Croatia confirmed the presence of a dangerous strain of avian influenzaThe government of Croatia has officially announced the availability of a deadly strain of bird flu in the country. The results of tests of samples taken from dead swans, gave a positive result. Recall that several dead birds were found on the shore of one of the ponds on the East Croatia last week. Already preliminary analyses revealed antibodies to H5N1, but to obtain accurate data of the biological material was sent to the UK. A new outbreak of the deadly avian influenza virus has expanded the number of similar cases in Europe. So, recently, H5N1 was detected in dead birds in three villages of Romania in the Danube Delta and in Turkey. Читать полностью -->

transmission Lines cause animals to develop poison

transmission Lines cause animals to develop poisonRats subjected to extreme electromagnetic fields produce ozone in dangerous concentrations. Based on these data, researchers intend to revive poticha was debate about the safety of high-voltage transmission lines. Biologists from the Pacific Northwest national laboratory in the USA (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) conducted research on the influence of electromagnetic fields on health laboratory animals and found an unexpected relationship between electromagnetism and chemical effects. The researchers put rats in a Plexiglas box, connected to the device that produced 10 kV. If an empty cell ozone concentration reached a maximum of 22 parts per billion, in the experiments, when the box was attended by rats (at a distance of the order of centimeters from the electrode of the source of corona discharge), ozone levels have soared to 200 parts per billion. It is twice higher than the level that is considered poison for people under chronic exposure. Читать полностью -->

Massage in diseases of the respiratory system

Massage in diseases of the respiratory systemTo the respiratory system diseases include bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis, tracheitis, pleurisy and other These diseases are widely distributed on all continents. Suffer from both adult and child population of the Earth. In many diseases of the respiratory system is assigned a massage as a component of comprehensive treatment. Massage with pneumonia (pneumonia) Pneumonia is an infectious disease, the cause of which are hypothermia, mental and physical overload and other factors causing a decrease in Resistance. High temperature (38-40 degrees), cough (dry, then with phlegm), chills, pain in Brcko, increasing cough and breathing, rapid shallow breathing. Massage with pneumonia is assigned at the final stage of treatment to eliminate residual disease. Читать полностью -->

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