These useful habits

These useful habitsJust five years ago the list of bad habits was extremely narrow - Smoking and alcohol - what was considered the thing that urgently need to get rid of, so that, according to popular wisdom, not to work on tablets. However, the development of civilization and the desire to live longer, without losing quality of life, has led to the fact that there is a real cult healthy lifestyle, the following of which implied the rejection of a register of the sweet pleasures. Anathema were brought and products, and household habits, laziness, love of gossip and discussion of other negative emotions, as well as reading entertainment magazines and evening vigil in front of the TV instead of sports or artistic modeling. But time will put everything in its place: it turned out that all of the above is not harmful food and empty pastime. The secret lies in what to indulge in "vices" to the knowledge of the case. Then instead of harm will be a solid use... Читать полностью -->

do Not make any sudden movements

 do Not make any sudden movementsAs demonstrated by scientists at Cambridge University, people after 40, especially women, are particularly sensitive to rapidly coming to intense physical exercise. This is associated with the normal aging process decimalization cardiac muscle - a decrease in the number of nerve fibers stimulate heart activity. As a result, the increased work of the heart become responsible blood hormones such as adrenaline. But such regulation already suffer from "lag" is now not an electrical nerve impulse carries the information about the lack of oxygen and blood flow. As a result, while strengthening the heart, comes tissue hypoxia and cell death. Therefore, from Jogging to the bus, lifts weights is better to abstain. Читать полностью -->

The problem of the "establishment" of neurons solved

The problem of the The problem of the "establishment" of neurons solved American scientists have managed to develop one of the first practical applications of embryonic stem cells. In experiments on laboratory animals they picked up the conditions under which you entered in the brain and spinal cord cells are transformed into neurons and restore existing damage to the nervous tissue. Previous studies devoted to this problem, do not give the desired result - most implanted in neural tissue stem cells were killed. To circumvent this obstacle, scientists from the University of Texas had to develop a special multi-component product, which consisted of several growth factors nerve tissue. As shown by studies conducted on laboratory rats after treatment with this drug was put into brain stem cells much more efficiently transformed into Mature neurons, and it is of the type which dominated in the implant area. "Treatment of stem cells with growth factors, transforming them into some plastic structure, which had a higher potential to transform the original cell culture, - said the head of research Professor Ping Wu. Читать полностью -->

Dislocation of the temporomandibular joint

Dislocation of the temporomandibular jointDISLOCATION of the TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT - the offset of the articular head of the mandible. Etiology. A strong opening of the mouth (when eating, crying, yawning, when interventions - tooth removal, gastric intubation, intubation etc), trauma. The pathogenesis is associated with stretching or rupture of the joint capsule. Is set to the inherent weakness of ligaments. There are dislocations full and partial (subluxation) front, rear, unilateral and bilateral. Читать полностью -->

What does a headache?

What does a headache?Experts believe that more than 90% of cases of headache associated with the stress of the spine. Others with diseases of the eyes, ears, teeth. In very rare cases, the pain caused by tumors. Sustainable headache requires consultation with doctors. If a headache immediately after eating, then you are talking about allergies to certain foods, like chocolate or cheese. As for the dizziness, there may be hundreds of reasons. Читать полностью -->


RheumatismRheumatism 800 g hay dust lay in a calico bag and boil 30 minutes in 2 liters of water. The resulting broth pour into the tub and add hot water to one-half baths. Sit in the tub and cover it with tarpaulin or film so that the edges hanging down. Previously in this veil need to make a hole for the head, on the edge of which vsheyte gum. Hay dust contains a lot of essential oil is a powerful remedy against rheumatism. If the tub is not close to the canvas or film, the essential oil evaporates together with the steam out of the bath. Читать полностью -->

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