Viagra is not a luxury but a vital necessity pensioner

 Viagra is not a luxury but a vital necessity pensionerIn accordance with the decision of the court of appeals of the city of Munich, the German authorities shall indemnify German retiree costs "Viagra". Former civil servant managed to convince judges that the drug to increase potency v, not a luxury, but a vital necessity. Former white collar, suffering from diabetes and are experiencing some difficulties with erection, asked the state to pay his expenses on expensive medicine. (According to statistics, 98% of men with this disease experience some difficulties in private life). In his statement, pensioner emphasized that the laws of Germany guarantee a former state employee total compensation of expenses for purchase of medicines and payment procedures that are necessary to maintain the health and vitality of the body. However, in the case of "Viagra", the officials found that "indecent drug" is a whim and indulgence of the pensioner. Читать полностью -->

Exercises preparatory

Exercises preparatoryI. a Child is praying to the Buddha (Tong ZI BAI FO) Starting position: stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel, the body is relaxed. Your palms pressed together to raise to the level of the chest, as in the Eastern greeting (Fig. 1). Hands should form with the chest small circle yuan. Open hands to yourself (from yourself - Fig. Читать полностью -->

Initiative harmful for health

Initiative harmful for healthAs you know, any initiative is punishable. And, it turns out, this rule applies not only in relation to the activity itself, but also to the consequences of this activity. So, researchers from Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia) showed that active participation in the work of the humanitarian funds and other non-public organizations is one of the most effective ways to spoil your health. Surveying and interviewing more than 500 people working in various public organizations, scientists found that the proportion of people with particular health problems is higher among them than among withdrawn from social activities. Every tenth Respondent employee has stated that he is almost ready to give up their work because of medical problems. And, importantly, this phenomenon was most pronounced among young people, whereas people of retirement age endured charged troubles without any problems. Читать полностью -->


PallorPallor is the most common sign of illness in children. If the child pallor lasts a long time, have stunted growth and skin became yellow, then you can suspect the presence of anemia (anemia). Marble pallor is a characteristic shock: pain, trauma, burns and other Anemia associated with iron deficiency is the most common form of anemia, which is caused by insufficient iron content in food. Iron deficiency anemia is often accompanied by rickets and scurvy (a disease associated with deficiency in the body, respectively, vitamins D and C). Outwardly manifested by pallor of the skin, bloodless lips, irritability, fatigue, loss of appetite, growth retardation. Often diarrhea. Читать полностью -->

Vitamins save man from excess fats and carbohydrates

Vitamins save man from excess fats and carbohydratesVitamins save man from excess fats and carbohydrates Time taken vitamins-antioxidants partially neutralize the harm the cardiovascular system of excess dietary fats and carbohydrates. This is evidenced by the results of clinical trials conducted by the staff of the University of Buffalo. As a preventive measure Professor Pares of Dodona and his colleagues advised before intake of fatty foods take half a gram of vitamin C and three standard capsules of alpha-tocopherol, which contains four units of vitamin E. This information is contained in the report, which was made at the annual conference of the American society for the fight against diabetes. Source:Solvay-Pharma and Madlena.Ru. . Читать полностью -->

When you quit Smoking the risk of lung cancer is not reduced

 When you quit Smoking the risk of lung cancer is not reducedRecently, according to the American cancer society, among the victims of lung cancer grows, the percentage of former smokers. Although, strictly speaking, lung cancer is not the most common among smokers with diagnosed more often "nicotine addicts die from cardiovascular disease - that he most frightening fans podymet. The fact that death with lung cancer extremely painful, and the body dries up right in front of you - sometimes for years. Meanwhile, until recently, doctors had assured patients that quit Smoking as the risk of disease will immediately decrease. However, according to the latest data, it was nothing more than a beautiful legend. So say researchers who found that the rejection of his addiction does not affect the state of the human lung. Читать полностью -->

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