the Child may suffer from scoliosis mother

 the Child may suffer from scoliosis mother Using abnormal Doppler waveforms were analyzed fetoplacental the blood flow in pregnant women with scoliosis in the last trimester of pregnancy. Kazan scientists conducted a study suggesting that the presence of scoliotic deformities of the spine is an important factor for disorders of blood flow between the placenta and the baby. Especially significant decrease in blood flow observed in the uterine artery, located on the concave side of the arc scoliotic lumbar part of the spine. Thus, a careful monitoring of blood flow in pregnant women with scoliosis, especially in the latter stages of pregnancy. [] . . Читать полностью -->

Pregnancy safe!

Pregnancy safe!Pregnancy does not increase the risk of recurrence of breast cancer, and does not reduce the duration and quality of life of women suffering from them. "Women who underwent treatment, or who were suspected carcinoma of the breast are afraid to have a baby" writes Dr. L. Blakely and his colleagues (University of Texas, USA), although there are different opinions about the harmfulness of pregnancy for women who have undergone anti-cancer therapy. In order to confirm his opinion, scientists investigated 370 pregnant women underwent therapy. Scientists concluded that pregnant women's likelihood of re-development of the disease was much lower than that of non peremenivshih. Читать полностью -->

Prickly heat

Prickly heatWhat is the General characteristic of the disease? Prickly heat is a disease common in children during the first months of life, and often assists the penetration of infection through the skin. Occurs as a result of violations of hygienic mode (excessive wrap, overheating) and appears bright red petechial rash. Prevention of poticy is the right care. Treatment - elimination of defects of care.. . . Читать полностью -->

dangerous new diseases in China have died already people

dangerous new diseases in China have died already  peopleA disease caused by swine Streptococcus, in China's Sichuan province died in total, 36 people. According to the Chinese Ministry of health, about 30 people are in critical condition. The total number of new cases of dangerous diseases in Sichuan is almost 200. The disease spread 170 settlements. Hospital until discharged only about 20 people. According to experts of the Sichuan center for the prevention of epidemics, the source of the disease was the bacterium pork streptococci, which is not normally dangerous to humans. Читать полностью -->


MassagesMassages Massage can be a local (private) and public. Massage techniques there is a great variety. From the original forms of massage later spawned several new options. The division of different types of massage conventionally, as a cosmetic, and segmental-reflex, and hardware, and self-massage can be used for therapeutic purposes. Now techniques are often combined. Moreover, we can say that every massage therapist even within the same technology works differently. Читать полностью -->

Sexual addiction

Sexual addictionSexual addiction - increased sexual excitability; moderately characteristic of a certain age periods (pubertal sexual addiction, paradoxical sexual addiction in the initial phase of menopausal involution); strongly pronounced sexual addiction occurs when irritative or destructive neurological diencephalic lesions localization, some endocrine syndromes, mental illness (manic phase of manic-depressive psychosis, schizophrenia and others). Some varieties of hypersexuality (nymphomania in women and satires men) often due to endogenous mental illness: increased libido is determined by the dissonance between biological and psychological components of libido due to hypertrophy of the latter; excitement while subjective, is not accompanied by specific reactions of the genital organs (their vascularization, muscle tone, etc.,), orgasm difficult. The symptoms for. Characteristic of the period of youth hypersexuality excessive fixation of the mind on the sexual-erotic experiences and fantasies, accompanied by spontaneous erections and frequent wet dreams, generating some neuroticism, at the same time promotes the formation of conditioned reflex complexes sexual sphere, provides a normal course of sexual function in adulthood. Observed with this form of Masturbation has a clear surrogate-protective focus on getting rid of excessive sexual excitement. In contrast, nymphomania and satires often accompanied by psychotic symptoms, and Masturbation is perseverating-obsessive nature. Читать полностью -->

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