Vertigo is not always a symptom of disease

Vertigo is not always a symptom of diseaseSometimes dizziness occurs because of insufficient compensatory abilities of the body, for example, if dizzy from hunger or after giving blood. So decided scientists. In this case, keeps hot sweet tea or just to arrange a lunch break and eat. Often dizziness occurs in people with low blood pressure after a sudden change in body position, such as when rising from bed, and at high ambient temperatures. Sometimes my head starts to spin when travelling on the transport. This is the symptoms of the so-called motion sickness or vehicle motion. Читать полностью -->

Children do not die from SARS, found doctors

 Children do not die from SARS, found doctorsDoctors from Hong Kong said today that the virus of atypical pneumonia children carry easier than adolescents and adults. From SARS died hundreds of people around the world, but none of the child. "Our preliminary studies have shown that children may develop a more mild form, which leads to a less severe clinical consequences," said tai FAI Fok, Professor at Hong Kong University. He studied first children suffering from SARS. Children younger than eight years, he said, had a more mild form of the disease, and the main symptom in these is only heat. "They have no fever. Читать полностью -->

In China was forbidden to eat the meat of wild animals

In China was forbidden to eat the meat of wild animalsIn South China's Guangdong province is now allowed to grow in captivity of wild animals to hunt them and eat their meat. This was reported today the Chinese media. Ban introduced after scientists discovered coronavirus that causes SARS, the viverrids is a small carnivorous mammal, in appearance resembling cats and living in Southeast Asia. The forestry Department of the province banned the hunting snakes, monkeys, bats and viverrids, and trade of these animals. In the South China dishes from meat widespread.. . Читать полностью -->

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