Only two lakes in the city limits meet the health standards for swimming

Only two lakes in the city limits meet the health standards for swimmingAccording to a survey of the waters of the Kaliningrad city centre of the state is permitted to use for bathing, sports and recreation only two lakes in the outskirts of Kaliningrad, reported the press service of the city hall. Among them Blue near and far Blue in the Baltic area. They not only meet the health standards, but also equipped Baywatch, cabanas, canopies, fungi, Parking, noted the press service. Meanwhile, on 12 June in Kaliningrad will host the opening of the bathing season. [Regnum"] . . Читать полностью -->

Best friends gave delirium

Best friends gave deliriumFriends persuaded citizen A. that he had killed a man and a corpse for several days decomposes in the basement of his house.The result of the "jokes" vтяжелое mental disorder. Behind Alexander Gorokhov (name changed) has already had two convictions. The first time he received a sentence immediately after returning from the army. Then twenty-year-old Sasha and a few of his friends on the dance had a fight with a neighboring village. Ordinary fight ended in tragedy: one of the boys received a severe blow in the head and died on the dance floor. Читать полностью -->

future Sea pharmacy

future Sea pharmacyThe wide potential of seas and oceans person was known since ancient times, but only recently, through the development of science and technology, the opportunity all the more to use such a valuable resource. One of the most actively developing areas nowadays is receiving medicines from different kinds of sea creatures. The fact that natural healing components much more efficiently and, especially, less harmful to the body than synthetic counterparts. Recently a group of scientists had developed a cure for blood cancer on the basis of sea sponges. The main advantage of the drug is its selective therapeutic effect on cancer cells... Recently in the city of Enkenbach conference, which brought together biochemists from different countries, who presented the results of 25 studies on the potential that is enclosed in marine life. Читать полностью -->

Prevention and treatment of diseases

Prevention and treatment of diseasesChinese acupressure applies not only curative but also preventive purpose. If acupressure is performed for the treatment of any disease, you should not stop the impact point after the disappearance of symptoms. To prevent recurrence of disease, we must continue to act on the same point. In the treatment of disease is desirable to carry out a massage every day, two or three times a day. In the preventive purposes can massage one or two points, although the best results are achieved when performing the whole procedure as a whole. If you run a daily massage, massage 2-3 times a day - it can also bring good results.. Читать полностью -->

Embryos of two British women will destroy by a court decision

Embryos of two British women will destroy by a court decisionThe Supreme court of the United Kingdom on Wednesday ordered the destruction of frozen embryos resulting from in vitro fertilization of oocytes of two women. The reason for this decision were the statements of the biological fathers of unborn children, who did not want to save the embryos after divorce. 31-year-old Natalie Evans (Natallie Evans) and 38-year-old Lorraine Hadley (Natallie Evans) collided with the action of the British act of fertilisation and embryology of man, which prohibits keep the embryos, when one of the biological parents is against it. As noted by judge Nicholas wall (Nicholas Wall), despite sympathy to all four participants of the hearings, and primarily to Natalie Evans, he had to act according to the law. The peculiarity of the case of Evans that immediately after fertilization, she had their ovaries removed, and she never will be able to have children. Both father noted that treat their ex-wives well, and the decision on the destruction of embryos has given them hard. Читать полностью -->

In the US, AIDS is spreading among pensioners

In the US, AIDS is spreading among pensionersAmerican doctors are faced with an unexpected problem - the growing number of HIV-infected among pensioners. It was found that older people do not think about the risk of infection, including AIDS challenge youth, and, therefore, does not care about prevention. The situation is aggravated by an unofficial ban on the discussion of these issues. Correspondents Detroit News, which had broached the subject, gave the example of Ellis Renwick (Alice Renwick), who worked as a nurse in the program of replacing heroin with methadone. Her partner was a former drug addict. At the age of 65, not fearing more pregnancy, she decided to refuse protection, but, as it turned out, the man was HIV-positive and later died of AIDS. Читать полностью -->

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