"Sick in the head" is the best investors

People with certain brain injuries can make better investment decisions. Such conclusion has been new research that has provided evidence that, when an investor lends itself to the emotions, it can lead to very negative results. The researchers concluded that when a person has broken the ability to experience emotions, it may make better financial decisions than other people in similar circumstances. This study refers to the interdisciplinary field called "neuroeconomics", which has been rapidly developing. Neuroeconomics studies the role of biological factors in economic decision-making and is located at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and Economics. The above study was conducted by a team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford Graduate School of Business and University of Iowa. Читать полностью -->

In Canada, people have died from an unknown virus

In Canada, people have died from an unknown virusFour guests retirement homes in Toronto died of a respiratory disease, caused by an unknown virus, said local authorities. Thus, the total number of victims of the disease has increased up to 10 people. Four pensioners lived in a nursing home in the Eastern part of Toronto. The outbreak was registered on September 25, but the journalists about it became known only on Monday. The virus struck 70 older people, 12 employees of the nursing home and at least two people who came to visit relatives. Associated Press. Читать полностью -->

memory Lapses lead to alcoholism

memory Lapses lead to alcoholismPartial memory loss after a stormy drink can lead to further development of alcoholism. The researchers argue that drunks are trying to fill in the gaps in memories, embellishing reality. Experiments with moderate alcohol intake showed that those who drank, occasionally experiencing memory loss, more optimistic about the impact of alcoholic beverages. The obtained results led scientists from the University of Texas concluded that alcoholics suffering from temporary lapses in memory, tend to forget that experience during and after drinking, and to fill in the gaps with positive assumptions. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of their drinking bouts. [NTR.ru] . Читать полностью -->

Out of jealousy wife cut off her husband reproductive organ

Out of jealousy wife cut off her husband reproductive organOut of jealousy wife cut off her husband reproductive organ Tired of the endless intrigues of her husband and his eternal 'doing nothing' 21-year-old Chinese woman Kevali Panexa of Chiang May cut off her husband reproductive organ. In an interview with Thai newspaper Kao Sod young woman reported that her husband refused to help his wife at home, not working, and all the free time spent with other women. The last straw of patience Kevali, was the meeting with her husband and his new passion at one of the discos. Then decided Kevali that finally the time has come to implement the plans conceived and forever to discourage her husband to run with other skirts. So, when hubby falls asleep, Kevali crept towards him with a knife and cut off a man's penis. Then called the police and reported the crime. Читать полностью -->

All Russians under the age of years will be vaccinated against measles mandatory

All Russians under the age of  years will be vaccinated against measles mandatoryThe Russian Ministry of justice registered the decree of the head of the state "About strengthening of measures for the prevention of measles". The document says that in the period up to 1 June 2004 measles should be vaccinated, all Russian citizens under 35 years of age. It will be given to all who have not undergone vaccinatie in childhood and still not had measles. Such people, according to the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision, about 1.5 million. Given the cost of the vaccine is about 30 rubles per dose for the program on immunization will need 45 million rubles. Where to get these tools in the subjects of the Federation will decide. Читать полностью -->


MeditationMeditation and concentration for obtaining health The search of a lifestyle that not only keep you healthy, but also to find the purpose of life, always lead us to the ancient method of self-healing, self-inquiry meditation. "Meditation" in English means meditation, contemplation. In Sanskrit, meditation is called Dhyana, in Tibetan - samten, Chinese - Chan in Japanese Zen. What does the Tibetan word samten? Himself - thinking mind, ten - to calm or to bring in a stable position; PETN still means "reliable" or "stable". Reassure your body and mind, we offer the opportunity of Higher energies to influence us in the healing influence; and it is clear that training just relax sometimes enough to improve patients ' well-being. No wonder relaxation is necessarily present in all Eastern exercises and many approaches to psychotherapy. Читать полностью -->

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